7 tips for organizing corporate events

organize corporate events

Corporate events are ideal for all types of brands, from those that are already well placed in the market to those that are not so well known and want to attract a larger audience. This is because many companies take advantage of these opportunities to promote their business to the market, attract investors and position…

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7 luxury gifts for corporate clients

gifts for corporate clients

To really sell its products, the luxury market needs to attract the trust of millionaires and corporate clients, who do not depend on discounts or offers to buy what they want. This level of clients, on the contrary, tends to pay more to be better served in a business round. In turn, luxury brands and…

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How to organize a corporate tour

Coworkers enjoying a corporate tour

Have you thought about offering your company employees moments of fun, linked to professional interests? How about a corporate tour? Mundi Limos offers you all the assistance to plan a good business trip, focused on your company’s interests and at the same time offering your employees a beautiful opportunity for collective entertainment, walking, and relaxation!…

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Event transportation: 6 tips that you can’t miss

Imagine that a company is organizing the launch of its new product line in an elegant location. Everything regarding production is impeccable, but an essential step in the process has been neglected: the event transportation. Without the right vehicles available for the transfer, few guests took the risk of going on their own, and the…

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