Event transportation: 6 tips that you can’t miss

Imagine that a company is organizing the launch of its new product line in an elegant location. Everything regarding production is impeccable, but an essential step in the process has been neglected: the event transportation.

Without the right vehicles available for the transfer, few guests took the risk of going on their own, and the event was a failure. This is just one example of how transportation can be essential in an event’s planning and logistics.

Sometimes, organizing event transportation is treated only as a detail concerning other steps. But the truth is that without the public, the event loses its purpose.

Whether your guests need an airport transfer, a limo service for wedding, prom, corporate events, or several luxury cars for different group sizes, you need to meet their specific needs.

Part of an event’s success depends on ensuring that guests are not exposed to unpleasant surprises along the way.

Therefore, we have separated some tips to ensure that transportation is efficient and that everyone gets to the place well. Check out!

1. Know who your guests are

The customer profile defines the service’s particularities. This is a rule that applies to almost everything on the market, and transportation for events is no different.

So, evaluate your guests before choosing the car service company and vehicle that will transport them.

A group of students and a team of executives may not have the same needs, for example. While students need the focus to be on safety, executives are likely to be interested in better-equipped vehicles where it is possible to work in comfort.

Analyzing the profile and sticking to details, such as the group size and age, will help decide whether it is better to choose a luxury sedan, a stretch limousine, or a first-class sprinter.

Each of these categories brings different items and accessories, which may or may not be necessary for the type of audience you are dealing with.

2. Comfort and efficiency are essential

Special Event Limousine Service

Despite the different transportation categories, all must have one thing in common: they need to offer as much comfort as possible within each specificity’s limits.

At least ensure that no one is thirsty, hot, or cold on the journey. Bad experiences along the way can give a wrong impression and ruin all the programming you have prepared.

An excellent strategy to avoid inconvenience is to offer a larger number of seats than the number of people and have a spare vehicle in case of any unforeseen event. If someone in the group (a VIP guest, for example) wants to leave early, having a second vehicle can come in handy, as it does not jeopardize the rest of the group’s logistics.

In addition to all this, find out if any passengers have special needs that require the vehicle’s adaptation. Bilingual tour guides to assist participants in getting on and off can also be good acquisitions.

If the travel time is too long, it is good to offer a snack. Depending on the group, playful activities and light music can be enjoyable to generate fun and tranquility.

3. Coordinate your event transportation services

Organization is a keyword in transportation for events. It is essential to respect schedules so that everything that has been planned is fulfilled and no one leaves the experience frustrated.

Set up a schedule and distribute it so everyone is aware. It is also a way of sharing responsibility with everyone involved. If someone is late, you will be safe. Setting arrival and departure times, as well as a meeting point, are necessary measures.

It is also essential to analyze the route and verify that the vehicle can get through quickly and easily on all the streets. If there is any surprise on the way, it will not be necessary to look for alternative routes and delay the schedule.

By choosing a luxury car service with highly trained and qualified chauffeurs, you will make sure there are no transportation mistakes during your event.

4. Check the number of people and the amount of luggage


times of Covid 19

We have already warned that it is better to exercise caution and reserve extra seats.

But another detail also needs to be taken into account: the amount of luggage that passengers carry. This is because a weight limit can be carried in vehicles, and disregarding this rule can result in fines.

When you look for limo services around, make sure you check the cars available and luggage capacity.

Find out in advance if the people being transported will carry all the luggage with them or if they will leave it somewhere, for example. Checking the exact number of people attending the event is vital to make sure you book the right vehicles.

When you make a quote with Mundi, for example, you are shown the available vehicles, with the number of seats and luggage capacity for each category.

Our customer relations team can also advise you to ensure you have the right transportation service for your guests.

5. Hire a specialized event transportation service

Before hiring any service, check the company’s history and determine if the vehicle and transport professionals’ documentation is correct. The driver must have all official transportation licenses.

Also, look for good references to make sure you are getting the best deal. After all, the security issue is the most important, and putting passengers’ physical integrity at risk can become a problem.

The best thing to do is investigate if the vehicle maintenance is up to date and if there is insurance to cover eventualities.

Many car services do not insure or care about customers or their belongings in the event of an accident or theft.

Considering that executives often carry sensitive and highly essential documents and information, the consequences and loss go far beyond the cost of replacing a laptop.

At Mundi, we always go with the full commercial insurance and not just the minimum law requirements. Our transportation team only looks for the best insurance companies.

Another vital aspect is checking the company’s cleaning procedures, as we are living in a pandemic. Hiring a car service that doesn’t follow maximum standards can put the whole event at risk. The transportation service provider must follow rigorous protocols to ensure everyone is safe.

6. Always make room for unforeseen events


transportation events service

If there is any unforeseen event with the transportation service or even with a lost guest, can you make sure that the tour will not be harmed?

Failures happen, and the guests need guarantees. So, before problems even occur, think about how you can solve them.

Make a list of alternatives, be equipped with emergency contacts and, if possible, book a spare vehicle that can take the last-minute route.

This preparation will make all the difference if something happens, as the organizer will know how to deal with the stressful situation much better and give more confidence to the guests.

When you choose a limousine service, you can be sure that you will count on professional chauffeurs who dedicate years to their careers.

Chauffeurs have courses in their field. They are bilingual and fluent in English, pass an extensive background check, rigorous training, drug testing, and constant evaluations by a quality management team.

There’s no space for amateur drivers who can harm one or more steps of your event planning.

So, are you convinced that transportation is a fundamental part of organizing an event? It is just as crucial as other steps and can greatly influence the organizers’ positive or negative perceptions.

Some vehicles are more suitable for transporting events, such as vans, minibuses and executive buses. Executive and luxury cars are usually the best options, as they will meet the standards of any group’s size and profile.

Do you know someone looking for transportation solutions for events? Share these tips so that everyone knows!

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