Learn more about Mundi’s luxury cars

Mundi's luxury cars

A limo service is aimed at executives from large companies and their families, as it offers luxury cars, highly qualified chauffeurs, first-class comfort combined with discretion and security. Not to mention punctuality and professionalism. As they have trained drivers who are fluent in other languages, it is also widely used by foreign executives visiting the…

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5 Reasons why you should hire a wedding limousine service

wedding limo service

Which woman has never dreamed of arriving like a princess at her wedding in a beautiful luxury car, as if she was Cinderella in her carriage? That is why a wedding limousine service is the right choice if you want to have the experience of your dreams. Planning the perfect wedding is not only about…

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Limousine party for kids and teens

Teens in a limousine party

Traditional teen parties gain sophistication and style when they include luxurious limousine rides. We have put up a list with some examples of giving young people an unforgettable and epic adventure, together with friends and in style! Enjoy a limousine party! VIP Guest ticket  Plan the party’s theme and create the invitation with a VIP…

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7 luxury gifts for corporate clients

gifts for corporate clients

To really sell its products, the luxury market needs to attract the trust of millionaires and corporate clients, who do not depend on discounts or offers to buy what they want. This level of clients, on the contrary, tends to pay more to be better served in a business round. In turn, luxury brands and…

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Car service: Comfort and safety during the pandemic

car service covid

A luxury car service for airports and FBOs increasingly presents itself as a safe and comfortable option for those seeking quality and exclusive treatment with sophistication. During the pandemic, chauffeurs and employee hygiene was doubled and the vehicle’s cleanliness is focused on quality and excellence. It’s important to follow all CDC guidelines. A series of…

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8 Sports Events in Orlando

sports events in orlando

In our previous article, we told you that there are several events to come. And there is nothing better than mixing sports with tourism, right? That’s why we decided to make you a list of sports events in Orlando! You can watch your favorite game and have fun. Orlando goes far beyond theme parks and…

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Enjoy the sports events in 2021

sports events in 2021

The pandemic changed all sports calendars in 2020 and major events were highly affected by Covid-19 protocols. This year’s schedule is far from being back to normal, but we can start thinking about attending our favorite sports events in 2021! We have all been focused on Super Bowl LV, but there are other important sporting…

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Super Bowl 2021: Attractions in Tampa Bay


  Tampa Bay is a beautiful beach paradise surrounded by palm trees that frame a wonderful sunset on the west coast of Florida. And the city will host the Super Bowl 2021. The invitation to several tours is inevitable because the waterfront is a great place to spend the day with family and friends, ride…

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Limo Service: What is it and why should you book it?

limo service

  You probably know the difference between flying economy or first class, right? However, when we talk about limo service, it is not only a better and high-level service, but it goes far beyond that. For starters, people are not interested in taking flights anytime soon, since it can increase the risks of Covid-19 contamination.…

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Event transportation: 6 tips that you can’t miss

Imagine that a company is organizing the launch of its new product line in an elegant location. Everything regarding production is impeccable, but an essential step in the process has been neglected: the event transportation. Without the right vehicles available for the transfer, few guests took the risk of going on their own, and the…

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