Great wedding venues in Miami

wedding venues in miami

Miami is the perfect blend of fun and relaxation, that is, a resting place and a wedding destination with all the amenities of a lively paradise. In addition, its natural harbor and beaches are also great advantages for betting on light and special weddings. That is why we have made you a list of amazing…

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Prom limo service: Enjoy your party with luxury

prom limo service

The prom party is one of the most important events in our lives. To celebrate this achievement in style, it is necessary to organize a memorable event, and a prom limo service should be on your checklist. There are several details that must be chosen, and for that, you need to plan. To help with…

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7 tips for organizing corporate events

organize corporate events

Corporate events are ideal for all types of brands, from those that are already well placed in the market to those that are not so well known and want to attract a larger audience. This is because many companies take advantage of these opportunities to promote their business to the market, attract investors and position…

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Plan the perfect bachelorette party with Mundi

bachelorette party

Getting married involves preparing several events prior to the wedding day. In addition to the traditional showers and dinners, brides like to hold their bachelorette party, as the last act before the start of married life. The bachelorette party usually involves the women closest to the bride, but there is nothing to prevent men from…

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16 tips for your sweet 16 party

sweet 16 party

The long-awaited moment of celebrating 16 years of life requires proper preparation so that the celebration takes place the way the birthday girl dreamed. For you to know how to prepare for this type of event very effectively, we have separated 16 tips for organizing a sweet 16 party. These will help event professionals as…

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Organize a Bachelor Party and Make it Memorable

Bachelor party with group of friends having fun inside a stretch limousine by Mundi Limos

    For the joy of seeing a friend tying the knot with his loved one or the sadness of seeing a soldier leaving the battlefield, a bachelor party is a great moment. You know those social rituals that everyone will go through at some point in life, whether you are in your twenties or…

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