7 luxury gifts for corporate clients

gifts for corporate clients

To really sell its products, the luxury market needs to attract the trust of millionaires and corporate clients, who do not depend on discounts or offers to buy what they want. This level of clients, on the contrary, tends to pay more to be better served in a business round.

In turn, luxury brands and services do their part to please and win over the potential customer. It’s normal to offer a number of treats and amenities around their product to close the deal.

Some bonus products and services surprise and please so much that they reach the customer’s heart, so that they find reasons to love and trust the brand, from which they end up buying.

But this practice is not just for customers.

Dedicated employees also feel much more integrated when the company invests in small luxury treats that can please them. When employees feel valued and important as members of the workforce, they start to produce more and with better dedication to continue receiving the attention.

1 – Test-driver at the race track

Mercedes-Benz invites the best customers, those already included in a specific catalog, to test its best models’ engine power on a race track. This invitation is made during a company event that takes place over a week and receives about 50 potential customers per day. Mercedez’s investment is 15 million worth of cars available for testing alone.

Other companies have also embarked on the marketing of gifts for corporate clients. They have added offering test drives to their customers, with gift certificates included, which can be company souvenirs such as a decorative key or even personalized wine glasses.

2 – Luxury Golf Accessories

Countless passionate golfers would love to win a sports package related to their favorite pastime. There are all kinds of collectibles or at the height of fashion that would attract the attention of executives and CEOs of a large company or first-rate customers.

You can check if there is a celebration date in the company that approaches a known golf tournament and if you find that niche interesting for the target of your corporate gifts. It is an elegant and classic treat.

Among the options, you can include exclusive and luxurious golf balls in attractive packaging, emphasizing thematic prints that resemble the game.

Miniature-themed golf bags with accessories related to your company are also an excellent suggestion for brand remembrance.

3 – Gourmet Gift Basket

Offering a nice basket of products like snacks is always pleasant. For VIP customers and for the company’s staff on special dates, they are considered a good reminder for the employee as an individual. A well-made gift basket is usually quite striking, decorated with flowers, organized, and flavored. The ideal is to please by the delicate gesture of remembrance.

In the case of a food basket, the items can be the composition of a beautiful breakfast, with cookies, teas, jellies and fruits. Gourmet-themed baskets for the holiday season are also welcome, with dried fruits and expensive drinks.

On the other hand, a basket of cosmetics may include ecological or body care products, soaps, creams, shampoos, or even other luxury accessories.

4 – Montblanc fountain pen

It is not just a simple object to write down the shopping list. The fountain pen, especially the traditional Montblanc, represents unique status for you to win as a gift.

That’s because it is not an ordinary pen. It is a writing instrument that is worth as a jewel, as it is made with gold in its design, around the black resin finish. The pen can also be refilled with ink strips when connecting liquid ink.

In general, whoever offers this gift pen usually has the name of the recipient engraved in gold to become a unique and personalized product. This is a great gift for corporate clients.

5 – Drinks and accessories

A beautiful box of seasonal wines, accompanied by crystal wine glasses and an elegant opener, is an excellent gift for exceptional employees or business partners. Wine lovers know how to distinguish quality. The drink can also be an aged whiskey or exclusive material for artisanal beer lovers.

This gift suggestion also applies to non-alcoholic drinks. Coffee pods, exclusive tea boxes, teapots, bottles, mugs or decorative cups are also always welcome by lovers of good moments with a hot drink.

6 – Geek technological gifts

Some gifts may not have the same intimate character and be more updated and relaxed.

In various situations, depending on the target to be reached, be it a jovial client or a staff more connected to the office with little time for distractions, technological gifts can be very pleasing.

Drones, GoPro-style cameras, Kindles, tablets, security cameras, notebooks, any high-tech or great novelty object is usually welcome by those who have not yet consumed it, but are curious.

7 – The office staff on a limousine bus

Taking the work team for a ride on a Limo Bus can be fun and good for the work environment. Employees who feel valued on a high-level value productivity in their favor when they carry out activities provided by the company that are considered high standards.

The ideal is to organize a motivational tour, a company workshop, or a place that focuses on goals where everyone works or where they would like to go during their free time. You can also provide a fun trip for important corporate clients.

A limo bus can offer good hours of entertainment, with music, minibar, tv, dvd, Wi-fi and cell phone chargers if needed

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