How to organize a corporate tour

Coworkers enjoying a corporate tour

Have you thought about offering your company employees moments of fun, linked to professional interests? How about a corporate tour?

Mundi Limos offers you all the assistance to plan a good business trip, focused on your company’s interests and at the same time offering your employees a beautiful opportunity for collective entertainment, walking, and relaxation!

Get to know our fleet, speak to our agents and plan the best for your staff to have fun while improving their productivity!

Passenger list

Choose a place where everyone really wants to go to. If you’re not sure about that, do some research at the office, promote a discussion about where the best place would be. Do not make decisions alone, even if you are the person in charge of organizing this.

Exchange views before deciding on the location. That done, confirm with your colleagues who will calculate the size of the vehicle – or vehicles – needed for the tour by the number of seats.

Plan a trip that combines business with pleasure

A trip taken with the office group is not usually just a business trip.

It is more gratifying for everyone that this trip promotes some professional return to the whole team in addition to moments of fun! That’s why organizing a corporate tour is always a good idea.

It can be a workshop, a lecture, a targeted course, a festival on a theme worked on by the company or a fair of products that directly interest your working group. That’s how their business tour can be enriched!

It is necessary to have logistics in the excursion’s motivation, as some employees may be shyer and show no interest in interacting with co-workers.

Others want to have more fun, but they also need a motivator to travel, which justifies not staying home on a weekend.

In addition, the motivating element is also crucial for the company, as it combines working employees’ self-esteem with an opportunity for professional knowledge that traveling can provide them.

A business tour is a trip that can be good for everyone, company and employees!

Think of the ideal vehicle size

Having defined the itinerary and the number of people confirmed on tour, plan the type of vehicle that best suits your staff. How many people want to go?

Visit Mundi’s page and get to know our fleet. All vehicles offer the best comfort to hit the road and accommodate any number of people:

– Luxury Van: 14 passengers
– Minibus 1: 27 passengers
– Minibus 2: 37 passengers
– Coach: 60 passengers

All Mundi Limos vehicles have a series of amenities and benefits inside for the best comfort of all, including a minibar for cold water and drinks, air conditioning, wi-fi signal, cell phone charger, tv with dvd and pleasant music for everyone.

Plan in advance the playlist of songs that will most please everyone, a movie to watch on board, the type of drinks and snacks that you would like to take in the vehicle. Mundi Limos prepares everything for you!

Food and drinks on board

It is important to think about snacks and drinks collectively. Soft drinks and juices are good options. Try to prioritize the flavors that please the most in general, such as grape or orange.

Easy snacks to take such as cereal bars, chips and chocolates can not be missing.

If the trip is too long, make sure to include a stop at a gas station on the road, with a snack bar, restrooms, and a small souvenir shop for passengers to rest for a while, walk, and breathe a little air. Some passengers tend to get sick on very long roads.

Collective games for fun

Throughout the trip, the organizer can plan fun games for group play. Telling jokes, stories or even singing karaoke can be fun strategies to cheer people up!

You can promote a bingo with small corporate gifts from the company or even plan a game, in RPG style for everyone to participate.

It goes from the organizer’s creativity and the general group disposition.

Corporate souvenir gifts

It would be gratifying for the tour participants to win corporate gifts from the company or linked to the event in which they are on their way to participate.

If the business tour’s focus is more work than fun, corporate gifts help build employees’ self-esteem and make them feel the importance of their presence in that place. Corporate gifts can be small souvenirs with emblems that resemble the event’s symbol or the local geography.

It is also interesting to think of a basket of products with food and goodies.

It would be good to add a personalized card to the corporate gift with each awarded employee’s name. It is a more attentive and intimate attitude that the company demonstrates with its staff.

Improvements and learnings in return

What benefits did the corporate tour bring to your workgroup? Did you rest from work? Did you relax and have a little fun, put your problems aside?

Or did they learn some new technology? Have they improved their own knowledge, discovered new strategies to deal with a series of situations? It is good to evaluate the satisfaction for the company and the employees in all aspects.

Observe how important it was to improve the company itself, working on employees’ psychological aspects and encouraging them to produce better.

In all aspects, reap the rewards of your initiative by combining stories, memories and photos from the business tour!

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