Key steps when planning a business trip

planning a business trip

Planning a business trip involves a number of factors. One of them is the corporate transportation service. The decision must take into account the location’s alignment with the company’s policies, cost-effectiveness, among other details. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips for you to choose the best transportation service for your employees’ work…

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How corporate mobility has become a trend for companies

how corporate mobility

Corporate mobility should be a concern for companies, especially in large cities. Thousands of people wake up and leave the house very early every day to get to work. The result is spending and traffic jams, in addition to other disorders, which can take hours. So how corporate mobility has become an alternative for companies,…

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Miami Luxurious City Tour

luxury limo service

In need of a luxurious way to tour Miami? Look no further than our Miami City Tour Luxury Transfer Service! Keep up reading and get to know all about it with our tips. The capital of the luxury entertainment Miami is the perfect place to take in some rays and enjoy the city’s nightlife. As…

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How to conduct an effective business meeting

effective business meeting

Meetings are part of the routine of any business and, especially when they happen with clients, they are a very important step towards a more complex and beneficial relationship for both parties. So, it is important to organize every detail in order to have an effective business meeting. Impressing clients is essential for anyone who…

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Corporate events trends and tips

corporate events trends

Certainly 2022 is a year marked by hope, both for people who stayed at home for almost two years, and for sectors that were “frozen” because of the pandemic. This was no different for the sector and event promoters. But the picture is looking much better. Check our tips about corporate events trends. In-person Events…

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Make the most of business trips

business trips

If you are an entrepreneur and run a business, your day-to-day should be fulfilled. And if you really like to travel, have you thought about adding this pleasure to your business? Business trips can help you grow and can also provide leisure time. You can, for example, discover causes and other business that can relate…

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How to choose an airport transportation service in New Jersey?

How to choose an airport transportation service in New Jersey? Is crucial anyone, traveling for business or for just for fun, to get to the airport on time. Most airlines no refund tickets and it is important for passengers to arrive on time. For this reason, you must choose a company that provides dependable services.…

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Top business trip destinations in the US

business trip destinations

Have you ever thought about which are the main business trip destinations, those that have extra added values such as networking, generating new businesses or innovative ideas? Embracing this purpose, we have prepared a list of destinations full of ingredients capable of inspiring entrepreneurs. Check it out and start planning your next business trip right…

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Ground transportation service for private jet travel

Flying on private jets? Most successful people choose to charter a private jet to travel on their terms and save time. If you want to charter a private jet, do it with a reliable company. Besides, if you travel by private jet, you certainly also prefer a luxurious, safe, and punctual ground transportation service. Mundi…

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Business Intelligence for corporate trips

business intelligence

A concept that has been gaining more and more place in the business world, Business Intelligence allows the monitoring of everything that happens in the business, in the market or in a specific activity, such as corporate travel. BI consists of the process of collecting data based on all actions taken, in addition to organization…

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