Plan the perfect business trip with Mundi’s corporate transportation

corporate transportation service

Planning the experience of your employees in other cities during work commitments involves a number of factors. One of them is the corporate transportation service. The decision must take into account the location’s alignment with the company’s policies, cost-effectiveness, among other details. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips for you to choose…

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7 Important tips for a short business trip

short business trip

Do you or an employee need to take a short business trip and are not feeling confident when planning? This is natural. Tight routes, commutes and other factors must be taken into account when planning a successful, however short, trip. Even short business trips should be given special attention. This type of trip also requires…

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Hire an airport car service for your clients

airport car service

Looking for the best airport transfer is among the various reasons for hiring executive transportation. Whether before or after a trip, an airport car service can be pre-booked for total peace of mind. This is because, by doing it, you have the guarantee that the chauffeur will be on time at the starting point exactly…

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Private jet charters: Business aviation continues to grow

Private Jet Charters

After 15 months immersed in online conferences and meetings, professionals who need to travel for work will definitely avoid facing those two hours before boarding with dozens of strangers again, not to mention the tight space and loud conversations during the flight. That is why private jet charters are becoming a great option. Executive aviation…

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10 tips for a successful business trip

Business trip

When it comes to traveling, it is not just about vacation. Many people have to travel for business on a regular basis. And planning a business trip takes more than packing and getting to a meeting. You need to organize yourself well. Unlike leisure travel, business travel calls for more planning and a well-defined schedule,…

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Top corporate travel trends

corporate travel

The corporate travel market has expanded a lot in recent years and, with that, many changes and new trends have emerged. Chances are that the volume of business trips will grow more and more every day, as companies are optimistic and the economy is getting better, even if at a slow pace. However, in order…

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The post-pandemic corporate world

corporate tendencies

Facing a crisis is always synonymous with adaptation. In the case of this pandemic, the impact was from the organizations’ physical structures to their ways of selling, communicating, and functioning. The corporate world will never be the same. In order to survive, companies had to adapt and this movement fostered new trends in the post-covid…

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Corporate limo service: Your option for success

corporate limo service

The business world requires frequent travel. Representing large companies, executives going from one place to another all the time. Meetings, congresses, events, fairs, all of these are common for them. Alone or not, they are aware that time is money, and that a corporate limo service is the option to guarantee success. A luxury transportation…

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How to organize a corporate tour

Coworkers enjoying a corporate tour

Have you thought about offering your company employees moments of fun, linked to professional interests? How about a corporate tour? Mundi Limos offers you all the assistance to plan a good business trip, focused on your company’s interests and at the same time offering your employees a beautiful opportunity for collective entertainment, walking, and relaxation!…

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Business trip: Enjoy luxury and comfort

Business trip

For executives in charge of important companies, the world does not stop, and it is necessary to have the most qualified services at their disposal when they are on a business trip. For this reason, hiring an executive transfer can be the best solution for your professional needs. Luxury cars and limousines are prepared to…

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