Bleisure – The best way to go on a business trip

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Even in the age of online calls, in which we have got used to having important meetings entirely online, there are endless good reasons for business trips to happen. The feeling of personally meeting a business partner is very rewarding, when it comes to building actual trust, nothing beats the good and evergreen face-to-face interaction!

Developing an external sale or doing market research on-site, making an international deal overseas, learning about a new product directly in the factory, attending an event in a totally new city. All of these things become a lot more interesting than simply making it happen online.


What is a bleisure trip?

Although business trips can be efficient from the entrepreneurial point of view, traveling can become a stressor, opening a gap in your normal routine and forcing you to replan your schedule. The concept of bleisure (business + leisure) is a growing tendency in today’s world, this hybrid travel model promises you a more exciting trip, with a more rewarding approach for your stay far from home.

Keep reading this article, and we from Mundi Limos will introduce this topic to you, with some very good reasons to make part of it!


Fun after duties

Every time it’s necessary for a professional to hit the road or to fly somewhere, they usually arrive with a busy schedule to be fulfilled. Now imagine the following scenario: You fly to beautiful Los Angeles on duty, you get excited about visiting this new location, but your schedule is so tight that in the end, you’ve been there, but without a single local experience to tell your family about.

Essentially, bleisure involves attending all of your appointments, and then, having a longer stay in order to experience the new location. This more complete experience improves your stay and adds value to your time there.


Key advantages of bleisure travel

The highlight of the bleisure concept is the increased employee satisfaction. The opportunity of living things outside of the common routine results in higher motivation for workers to fulfill their duties. Reduced stress and burnout prevention are very happy consequences of it. Allowing your staff to have some downtime, trying out different cultures, foods, and sights after important formal appointments pays off well for sure.

Bleisure travel has started with entry-level professionals, most of them millennials; however, more and more older people in higher positions are enthusiastic about this alternative, adding days, weekends, or even families to their trips. The modern bleisure traveler tends to be someone culturally curious, no matter the age.


Mundi’s advice for bleisure trips

A lot of employers are becoming supportive of this new culture that enables you to break your routine and enjoy the places you visit. We from Mundi Limos are committed to your best and happiest trip, here are our recommendations to you:

Once you know your destination, make sure you do enough planning in order to pack accordingly. After fitting everything that you need into your suitcase, do research on the internet, in order to know the basics about the location to be visited. This knowledge will help you decide if you wanna stay longer there.


Taking the right decision

A trip to California is definitely worth extending for food and wine lovers, given the high quality of the haute cuisine in that state. If you are the kind of person affectionate to art, music, culture, and a more cosmopolitan feel in general, you should spare your vacation days to extend a stay in New York. Entertainment lovers, on the other hand, may invest in Las Vegas or Florida.

For bigger cities or tourist spots, remember to consider the place to stay with a more realistic approach — crowded places have higher taxi rates, staying close to the places you want to visit can spare a significant amount of time, money, and stress, regardless of the city.

Don’t forget to enjoy your trip with responsibility, remembering that when it’s over, it’s time to go back to your everyday life. In order to keep things working well, make sure you live your moments in a healthy way, keeping exercise and eating habits close to normal.

Always remember that Mundi Limos is always there to take you anywhere with an awesome transport service, sightseeing with one of our professional chauffeurs is always a good idea!

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