How to stay fit during a business trip

How to stay fit during a business trip

The digital world has given us the possibility to have important business meetings and to take significant decisions with our partners and colleagues entirely online, communicating across different time zones in the twinkling of an eye. However, when it comes to cultivating a solid business relationship, nothing beats in-person interaction.

When a businessperson manages to arrive at their destination safely and to keep their balance while following a heavy schedule, chances are that they’ll be able to make a very good first impression, and on top of that, to enjoy the days somewhere else and still arrive home in top shape!

Staying healthy overseas starts at home:

Flights that last more than 10 hours, hopping between different time zones, and being in a completely foreign city every once in a while can take a toll even on the most disciplined and seasoned travellers, especially when your body clock is not aligned with the country you’re in. Let’s start with some Mundi Limos tips on how to be prepared!

Before your long trip, make sure you have a good night of sleep! An international trip can challenge your immune system, so, at least 8 hours of sleep each night is already a well-known must in order to stay up-to-date with your body. Another very important aspect to consider before you go on a trip is your exercise routine and how it’s going to change for the next few days.

Before you embark on your next flight, think of your future self: Let’s take the healthy route with Mundi. Make sure you get plenty of exercise previously and avoid skipping training sessions. Even if your flight requires you to be at the airport very early in the morning, training before still counts.

The endorphins, dopamine, and other hormones released during training will improve your sense of well being, you’ll feel more relaxed! Let’s trust the scientists, and you will be able to lay back and unwind during flights and airport stays.

Keep your body active during your flight:

IMPORTANT: Drink enough water before and during your flight, the pressurized air inside the plane is extremely dry, according to Boeing, the humidity in airplane cabins is usually less than 20 percent, keep your body hydrated, and also pay attention to your muscles and blood circulation, you may stretch your legs during bathroom breaks and queues. Ok, you will look weird, but combining these little actions with the exercise you did some hours before will pay off, we promise!

Make smart meal choices!

Here is another idea we from Mundi Limos support — You become what you eat , so, be very conscious in your choices. Remember that your health-army needs more than enough sleep and exercise; your soldiers will march on your stomach too. Provide them with high-protein, low-carb meals with a high-fiber content, such as vegetables, salads and fruits.

These meals are easy to digest, which makes them a perfect match for your journey. Considering that airplanes travel with stored air under high pressure, you don’t want a very heavy meal to prevent you from having a safe flight (You’re welcome!).

Pay special attention to caffeine and alcohol — Mundi Limos is made by a team of coffee lovers (trust us), but before you enter your next flight, being able to rest by sleeping or reading your favorite book should become a priority. It’s easier to do without anything impacting your levels of attention or disrupting your mood or accelerating other movements of your body (get it?).

And when you land…

As soon as you arrive at your destination, let’s keep making smart decisions at the airport — We know it’s difficult to resist the smell of eggs and bacon or the one of your favourite fast-food chain hitting your nose, especially when battling an empty stomach, however, all airports have enough healthy food options.

After such a long way, you’ll keep at our side on the healthier route, won’t you? (We knew we could count on you) Let’s be a little more resilient and do enough research, you will start your stay abroad very successfully by choosing a fresh first meal, free of greasy, heavy and/or fried food (congrats!).

Now let’s leave the airport, first of all, you have to find a transportation that suits your needs, there are plenty of options, including Mundi Limos luxury transfer services.

Staying fit during your stay

After reaching your hotel, there is still room to make the right choices that will help you tackle your important business schedule! Our best advice to you is to make movement a part of your stay.

Some hotels offer pretty good open gyms. However, you are pretty lucky if it’s working, during these covid-stricken times we are all living. Some exercises, such as jogging, running and taking a simple walk, are a good way to boost your experience abroad at local parks and the great outdoors, where you get the chance to meet locals, explore your new city and hugely contribute to your rest and well-being.

During your stay, we trust you to keep a positive, healthy attitude towards exercise, sleep routine and nutrition — But here is a detail:  Allow yourself to have fun, try out local foods, go to informal gatherings and have a drink by yourself or with your partners, turn your business trip into a source of good memories and relationships.

Have a safe trip, and remember that you can always count on us!

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