Maldives is building the world’s first floating city

Maldives’ floating city is rising from the Indian Ocean, just 10 minutes by boat from Male, the Maldivian capital, a floating city, capable of house 20,000 people, is being constructed.

The new incredible city will consist of 5,000 floating units including houses, restaurants, shops, and schools. The first units were launched last month, and the residents will start to move in early 2024, and the whole city is due to be completed by 2027.

According to CNN, the amazing project is a Joint Venture between the Maldives Government and private entities and consists of a practical solution to sea-level rise.

The Maldives is one of the world’s most vulnerable nations to climate change, about 80% of its land area is less than one meter above sea level, and with levels projected to rise up to a meter by the end of the century, almost the entire country could be submerged.

But if a city floats, it could rise with the sea, so the solution idea is a normal city, just afloat

The plan is to construct a city for 20,000 people in less than five years. Other plans for floating cities have been launched, such as Oceanix City in Busan, South Korea, and a series of floating islands on the Baltic Sea.

Waterstudio’s city is designed to attract locals and the residents will get around on boats, or they can walk, cycle, or drive electric scooters or buggies along the sandy streets.

The main objective is for the city to be self-sufficient and have all the common functions as electricity, powered by solar generated on-site, and sewage will be treated locally and repurposed as manure for plants. As an alternative to air conditioning, the city will use deep water sea cooling, which involves pumping cold water from the deep sea into the lagoon, helping to save energy.

Why is Maldives building a floating city?

The idea behind creating a floating city has a practical reason: most of the islands of Maldives are less than one meter from sea level, which means that they will be under the water by the year 2100 when the water level is projected to rise by up to a meter.

However, a floating city can manage to stay largely unaffected as it will rise with the rising water level. The Maldives Floating City is not the first idea of its kind, though it will most likely be the first to be executed.

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