What is the right luxury car service for a long-distance trip?

long distance trip

Driving long distances can be pretty difficult, especially if you are going to a meeting directly from the airport, in a new city or country. Depending on the size of your home country or state, hitting the highway after a flight may be a drag. In this kind of situation, hiring a chauffeur service may be the best option, because of the increased comfort in comparison to regular transfer service or any sort of public transportation.

In this article, we from MundiLimos will use our expertise and experience with luxury car transportation to guide you through the decision process. In the end, you’ll be able to choose yourself, between the different kinds of chauffeured cars available.

Is your trip long enough?

Any trip that requires more planning and larger suitcases may be considered long, due to the length and time far from where you live. In the USA, long distances are already normal, since our country is very big. For an American, driving up to 6 hours of flying for 5 hours is commonplace, while Europeans consider a 1 hour drive a trip, and they may be in a completely foreign country after 2 hours of driving.

Choosing the right transfer car

Imagine the following scenario: A very important business partner is coming to your country or city, you will pick them up at the local airport to visit other partners together, all your appointments are tightly scheduled and very far away from the airport! The situation has no space to adapt to regular transfer service schedules.

The key here is to think about a very efficient means of transportation, for you and your partner to both relax and discuss important things on the way to your final destination.

Smaller distances and groups

If you are driving to a place that is distant, but reachable in one hour, you have no traffic jams in sight, no bigger group of partners to take with you, it’s a good idea to have a black car service. The black luxury car has a very high-security level and offers a comfortable and luxurious experience, with generous luggage space and important amenities such as bottled water. With MundiLimos, you can choose between a luxury sedan and a luxury SUV, depending on the space needed.

Longer distances, larger groups

If you are going to face a traffic jam, or to drive a longer distance with a larger group of people, we recommend MundiLimos luxury limo service. Our limousines can accommodate up to 14 adults in very comfortable leather seats. Your luxury transfer turns into a meeting room on wheels that offers a good set of amenities as well as increased privacy for business or informal conversations.

All our luxury cars are up to date with all maintenance requirements, and we also follow strict Covid19 safety guidelines. Be sure you choose the right option, our service team is there to help you with this choice.

Keep a good mindset!

Regardless of how long your flight is, the trip itself can already be stressful enough, due to the number of procedures to be done. Your mindset plays a very important role in making things easier for yourself. If you are excited about where you are going and what you are doing, the trip may be very worth it.

We from MundiLimos recommend keeping a positive attitude towards your trip — Reframing your perception will help you focus on the end goal of this trip while dealing with the heavy part of it.

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