Travel to Miami in April

miami in april


Miami offers good temperatures throughout the year. If you are looking for less traffic in the city and still high temperatures, March & April are the best time to travel to Miami. March and April precede the high season which starts in May and continues until September. That is why traveling to Miami in April can be a great option if you want to enjoy the city with more comfort and less crowded places.


What to do in April in Miami?


Visit the best beaches in Miami

Miami’s beaches are world famous, and April, with summer approaching and temperatures soaring, is the ideal time to visit. We recommend Hollywood Beach, which is the favorite beach of the famous, very busy, with super white sand and transparent sea water; and Haulover Beach, which is one of the oldest in the region, very frequented by the city’s residents, and which has a nudist area. However, at any of Miami’s beaches, you’re sure to have a great time.


Shopping in Miami in April

April is a month without any date that moves the commerce market, so there are no big discounts like in other months of the year. There are two tips for those who want to do good shopping and save money in Miami: take discount coupons, which are valid all year round and are great, and visit the main outlets in the city, which always have many offers. To learn more about it, be sure to read our article on shopping in Miami.


Miami Heat basketball game

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US, as is soccer in Brazil. Therefore, going to a Miami Heat match, the city’s team, is a unique and very cool experience to do with family, friends or as a couple. The team will probably be playing in the month of April, so just choose the date of the game and buy your tickets. The arena where the games take place is very safe and beautiful, and any sector gives tourists a good view.


Other seasons in Miami

During the high season months, the heat is marked and on some days, even a little stifling. The cities of Miami and Miami Beach are invaded by tourists from all over the world. The prices of hotels, restaurants and even some attractions go up considerably. If you are looking for a lot of movement and excitement, these months are the best time to travel to Miami and enjoy the nightlife and high season events.

After the high season, the months of October and November are still very pleasant in terms of temperatures. The beaches are empty again and walking through downtown Miami is no longer a challenge.

The month of December has particular attractions due to Christmas and the New Year, those who already know Miami well and are going to visit the city for the second, third or even fourth time, will find in the month of December a calmer Miami, with still mild temperatures but with that Christmas magic. New Year’s in Miami can be great for families, but it can also be lively as Miami has no shortage of parties.

Between January & February is a great time for those who want to travel with their family, small children and the elderly. The city still offers pleasant weather during the day.


Book a car service in Miami

Miami’s beaches, outlets and tourist attractions are quite far away, which is why more and more people are choosing to book a car service in the city. It is very important to enjoy your trip with comfort, to be able to visit all the places and shop with peace of mind. If you want to book a car service, contact us. Miami is a city to be known by car. With it, you can not only get around Miami, but go to Key West, which is a paradise place, or Orlando.

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