Travel from Miami to Fort Lauderdale with Mundi

travel from miami to fort lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the rich and famous favorite places in the US. But the city also attracts tourists from all over the world! Those who go to Florida are usually limited to meeting and having fun in Miami and Orlando. So, how about taking a short trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and enjoying a great destination?

Tourism, entertainment and shopping

Did you know that we have an “American Venice”? Fort Lauderdale has several water channels where boats and even water taxis pass. This is one of the most appreciated aspects by tourists. Museums, parks full of pure nature and beautiful beaches complete this incredible travel itinerary.

If you are in Florida and thinking about traveling from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, know that the sun is the city’s main character and the climate is perfect for those who like that tropical air and want to escape the harsh winter of other regions.

In addition to a lot of fun and tourist locations, the city is also one of the main shopping places. Do you want to take advantage of the numerous stores and offers during your trip? This is the right address.

Miami to Fort Lauderdale: When to go?

One of the least concerns when defining your trip to Florida will be with the time of year. Any month is perfect for discovering this paradise. After all, you will be in one of the beautiful cities in Florida!

Sun and heat predominate almost the whole year. Even in winter, when temperatures drop, you can still enjoy the city’s attractions.

So much so that many choose to travel to Fort Lauderdale during the winter, to escape the cold days that prevail in the rest of the country.

So, know that visiting the city on cold days will not be synonymous with empty places.

As soon as travelers arrive at the place they are already faced with wonderful weather, heat and fun.

The city attracts thousands of tourists all year round, who consider the location excellent just because it is so close to Miami.

Miami to Fort Lauderdale: How far is it?

The city is almost an extension of Miami, located about 30 miles from the city. That’s why it’s always worth a 40-minute trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale – and Mundi can help you with that!

What are the city attractions in Fort Lauderdale?

Be sure that the city will surprise you with each attraction! Look at some of them.

1. City center

Like any good central region, it concentrates on several tourist places.

Learn about the history of Fort Lauderdale by visiting its beautiful museums, the historic center and take the opportunity to take a walk through its green parks!

2. Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art

The Museum of Art is one of the first places that tourists usually visit. There are more than 6 thousand pieces exposed in the rotating system.

This museum is on the edge of Riverwalk and there are several temporary exhibitions displayed in it. It is worth taking some time to get to know the museum.

3. Museum of Discovery and Science

If you are looking for the ideal experience to enjoy with your family, or even, alone, this is the one!

It is an interesting, fun and very pleasant museum, having more than 200 exhibitions to be enjoyed and, many of them, are interactive.

Even if you are not a big fan of science and physics, you can’t help but to be entertained in this museum! There are rooms for exotic animals, technological tools and much more.

4. Stranahan House Museum

The couple Frank Stranahan and Ivy Julianne Cromartie built and lived in the Stranahan House, where the family business operated for many years. They greatly contributed to the progress of Fort Lauderdale

After the couple’s death, the house was left to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, of which Ivy had been a member since 1915.

In 1981 Stranahan House became a non-profit organization. Its renovation was concluded in 1984 and the house was opened to the public as a historic museum.

The Historic Stranahan House Museum receives 10,000 visitors a year.

5. Riverwalk

If you are taking a trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Riverwalk isone of the most amazing places in the city! It is a waterfront that borders the city’s canals. Tourists and residents take walks, especially in the late afternoon.

Facing the New River, the Riverwalk promenade is one of the favorite spots for tourists on weekends. They arrive to get to know the place and end up having fun at the various cultural events happening there.

6. Esplanade Park

Other must-see attractions are the open-air parks. Esplanade Park usually hosts jazz concerts along with delicious brunch.

Hundreds of people gather there to enjoy moments of fun and relaxation.

7. Huizenga Park

Another sensational park in Fort Lauderdale! Huizenga Park is a favorite for those who enjoy cycling, picnicking and long walks.

And it is still possible to enjoy all this by listening to great shows of the most varied musical styles, which are performed in Huizenga Park.

8. Boat trips

Remember when we mentioned water taxis? So, here they are. In addition to boat trips through the city’s canals, there is also the option of taking a Water Taxi in Fort Lauderdale.

On the boat ride, the Jungle Queen Riverboat is the most famous and travels through most of the canals, giving tourists the opportunity to discover the best angles and places in this redoubt of wonders!

But water taxis also attract those who want to navigate the canals. The Water Taxi allows you to get off in any region you prefer.

The full itinerary includes 22 stops in the beautiful parks and tourist places of the city. If you are traveling from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, you can’t miss this!

Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

With a sea of ​​clear waters and white sands, without a doubt, Fort Lauderdale beaches are one of the main and best tours to do in the city.

Before leaving, be sure to visit these two:

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Lots of coconut trees, a calm sea and a huge boardwalk. On this beach you can choose to play sports, such as volleyball, jet-skiing, banana boating or you can just admire the incredible view.

At various points, there are picnic tables and even basketball courts.

Las Olas Beach

The color of this sea varies between turquoise blue and emerald green. A mixture of colors results in wonderful tones!

With few waves, the water has the perfect temperature.

At the exit of Las Olas beach, there are several showers for bathers. There are also good restaurants and bars close to the beach.

Shopping in Fort Lauderdale

On your trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, would you like to buy a computer or cell phone, for example? Or new clothes and shoes?

We have listed some shopping places for you.

Sawgrass Mills Outlet in Fort Lauderdale

This is the largest mall in the US. Sawgrass Mills has more than 350 stores of various brands spread across more than 2,3 million square feet. Parking offers about 11,000 parking spaces!

Each year, there are approximately 26 million visitors who come to visit the outlet.

The Galleria in Fort Lauderdale

There are those who prefer The Galleria, which is the most elegant address in the city, with incredible restaurants and even some popular stores.

Strategically located, this mall has more than 100 stores, many restaurants and is located in one of the easiest accesses in the city, close to the airport, the central region, the port and even the beaches.

Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale

After seeing so many attractions, visiting Las Olas Boulevard is a unique moment! It is a refined avenue with landscaping that enchants and fills the eyes of those who walk on it.

Las Olas Boulevard is full of shops, jewelers, restaurants, and cafes.

Get ready to visit Fort Lauderdale and surrender to the city charm. With Mundi, you can!

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