The post-pandemic corporate world

corporate tendencies

Facing a crisis is always synonymous with adaptation. In the case of this pandemic, the impact was from the organizations’ physical structures to their ways of selling, communicating, and functioning. The corporate world will never be the same.

In order to survive, companies had to adapt and this movement fostered new trends in the post-covid corporate world. To keep your business up to date, we have listed the main ones, considering forms of management, communication and sales.

Cloud Management

Large organizations migrated all internal processes to networks and started to quote digital security in corporate expenses. The trend is that this will become standard for large organizations and for new businesses that have emerged in this new scenario.

The good thing is that the migration to online facilitates is making management more transparent for both the manager and employees. Through data, it is possible to evaluate the company’s performance, deliveries, expenses, customer behavior and much more!


Another point that has certainly been influenced by the pandemic is online selling. Because of the need, consumers lost their fear of buying on the internet and realized how practical it can be to receive everything at home.

Supermarket chains, clothing stores, even applications for renting and selling real estate, have migrated to digital and are making a big impact there. So, it is worth starting to invest in online stores and a lot of digital presence.

At Mundi, for example, when you open your online corporate account, you are appointed your own dedicated, responsive account manager to cater to all your transportation plans, including accommodating sudden itinerary changes – and everything can be done from your smartphone.

Digital Presence

Websites, social networks, blogs, conversion strategies, algorithms, and SEO, are, for sure, the new normal of advertising. If you don’t have a digital presence, your brand doesn’t exist.

Of course, it is not literally like that, after all, some loyal customers look for you regardless of the number of followers and the texts you post.

But the digital presence has revolutionized sales, making it possible for people from all over the world to get to know your company. Through social networks, you can find people, point, create new service channels, in addition to strengthening the relationship with customers.

Data Registration

The internet offers so many opportunities! One of the advantages for companies is the recording of customer data and consumer behavior.

What used to take time and friction in the relationship with the consumer by filling out forms, from an operator, became much easier with automation even at the risk of losing this information.

Chatbots, artificial assistance, forms, made this process quick and opened up a range of opportunities for companies. For example, it is possible to better design customer profiles.

Besides, it’s possible to export all the data from there to make communication and sales strategies more and more assertive.

Zero Frontiers

The home office has opened doors for opportunities from other cities and states.

This happened because, with the pandemic, we found that it is easy to perform functions remotely, either partially or totally.

This saves time, reduces company costs, and opens up a range of possibilities for hiring excellent professionals worldwide.

Employees’ transportation

The companies’ responsibility in transporting employees goes far beyond legislative obligations.

Transportation is an important means that affects the health and well-being of employees. It affects the company’s engagement, productivity, and, consequently, financial results.

Facts like these have become even more relevant to the moment of crisis of Covid-19 that we are experiencing.

Throughout the pandemic period, we have seen large companies of essential services attentive to promote safer, smarter and, even more, comfortable transportation for their employees, such as corporate car service.

Many companies are already planning to return to partial or even total work for their employees. Ensuring safe and quality travel is essential in planning to ensure a healthy and sustainable corporate climate.

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