Super Bowl parties are still on!



We all know that Super Bowl parties are highly expected. The final game usually attracts many people to the host city, and in Tampa Bay, it will be no different.


This is one of the most famous parties, which involves the players themselves. It brings them closer to their biggest fans.

Tailgate is a party with a glass structure and a big screen that will be set up next to “Ray Jay” stadium where the dispute will be held.

More than 30 players participating in the NFL will be present to socialize, eat and drink during the gameday afternoon, and some well-known celebrities from a select group will join them at the party.

Weekend Super Bowl Parties

Many VIP parties are held in rented villas. They tend to be great luxury parties, with all the offers of good drinks, food, and music.

Tickets are usually exclusive and few, as they are closed parties for high-class groups. Now in a pandemic season, big gatherings are prohibited, and closed parties tend to be even more exclusive with an even smaller number of participants.

Some celebrities have also participated in these parties, such as Lady Gaga and Guns’ n Roses. Some parties are in high demand despite the few tickets by name and status. There have been very glamorous parties such as Playboy and Rolling Stones.

After the game party

Tampa is ideal for after-party moments, as it is a city well attended by young people. The parties don’t just attract football fans. Full of luxury restaurants and a good frequency of people, with or without a ticket, the festive night usually attracts celebrations even those who may or may not be into the Super Bowl.

Some of the parties that are already scheduled:

  • Press Box: Party to gather friends who enjoy Budweiser beer, sit together and exchange opinions on the plays, analyzing and discussing the game and the players’ performance.
  • Ricks on the river: Party to go by car with friends (how about getting there in a limousine?). The idea is to promote a picnic, taking food to celebrate by the river. The party is perfect for those who could not buy tickets as it will be very close to the stadium, from where you can see the lights and feel the excitement. Capacity for 200 people.
  • Cena: Restaurant created by the chef Michael Buttacavolli, great to receive friends before and after the game. For customers looking for entertainment combined with all the glamor that a chic and sophisticated restaurant can offer.
  • EDISON Food + Drink Bar: The famous Chef Jannie Pierola invites everyone to a reception with a beautiful appetizers and drinks menu.

Cruises for family and friends

A good range of cruises is available for those who want to enjoy the Super Bowl with few friends in great luxury. There are several types of cruises:

  • Family cruises: Leaving Miami Beach for the Bahamas, there are good options to spend a few days with the family. They are usually packages that include diving or fishing with several options for children and satellite access to TV and internet signal.
  • Party cruises: Usually preferred by celebrities with gourmet food options, expensive drinks, and a good DJ to light up the party. In general, the guests are young, rich, single. Everyone gets together to see the decision and enjoy the sea, whether in victory or defeat.
  • Sexy pool party: Even more exclusive than other parties, this type of cruise party caters to the taste of millionaires in search of privacy. The transmission is accompanied by drinks and canapés previously selected by the crew and may or may not count with a small body of employees on the vessel, be it a speedboat or a yacht.

Super Bowl Party packages

During the Super Bowl week, parties will last for several days at hotels and beaches in the Tampa area. There will be parties garnished with the best food, the most expensive drinks, parties on the beach, in the pool, and wherever you want to party to appear on social networks.

Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Although the event will only happen in April, it’s worth mentioning. Every year, there is a big parade in Tampa in honor of the famous pirate José Gaspar, Gasparilla, a folkloric figure symbol of Florida. It is not known, in fact, if José Gaspar did exist or if he was a character that emerged from legends during the colonization of America.

What is certain is that the pirate-themed parade took on the popular taste and became a big carnival, with floats crossing the city, much like the traditional Mardi Gras of New Orleans. Similarly, beads and coins are thrown for the people in the so-called “Victory Parade.”

Canceled Super Bowl parties

Many larger parties were canceled in respect of the pandemic victims. This year, the ballads will be much more modest, with few people and respecting all safety rules.

Without respecting the rules, the organizers will not be able to obtain a permit that allows for fraternization. The NFL is aware of this and, on its own, canceled some of the events with the media and celebrities that could generate crowds, being limited to conventional fraternizations of the event, while also respecting safety rules.

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