Super Bowl car service: Arrive in style!



The most memorable event in the United States will be held on February 7, 2021, in Tampa, Florida.  It is covered by mainstream media and is always full of celebrities looking for a Super Bowl car service.

Football stars and high-class American appearances usually arrive at the event in the best style: being transferred in a luxury limousine.

Why do some celebrities opt for a luxury car service? For several reasons, that will also make you want to be seen in one.

Count on Mundi for the best Super Bowl car service

Punctuality, safety, comfort, luxury, privacy, cleanliness, and reliability. This is what Mundi Limos has to offer. The best service with the greatest comfort.

Our dedicated and reliable staff will guide you safely. Our vehicles are constantly sanitized and inspected before any trip. The chauffeur responsible for your trip is highly trained, background checked, and passed quality and health evaluations, so that he can offer you all the confidence in our company.

The services offered inside the limousine are sophisticated and replenished. Everything is set in the best climate.

Chauffeurs carefully study your route before you leave, and our professionals are at your disposal for any queries.

Mundi Limos has a varied luxury fleet to serve according to your interests. Check with us what your needs would be.

Use our online service to ask questions and make your reservation. Plan and calculate in advance your route and what services you are looking for. There is a collection of photos on our website to check our fleet and decide on the type of vehicle you would like.


Limousines are not vehicles that you see every day. They are exclusive. Their external design draws attention to its brightness and shape.

It presents a vintage format, with rounded hubcaps reminiscent of old cars. Still, it is all filled internally with the best of current technology and all kinds of modern accessories that a luxury car can have: sunroofs, privacy windows, air conditioning, minibar available to passengers.


Whoever arrives with a limo service knows very well that they will be seen with great impact. Many of those who book this service are celebrities who figure as the most liked on social networks.

Those who tie their image to great deeds and fortunes do not like to go unnoticed to great events.

Even if they are not the main stars, even as guests, they like to arrive in style, gain the visibility expected in the mainstream media, and have their image reproduced numerous times on the internet, which is also very good for business.


Limo services are worth the price you pay for their use. The car is prepared to take passengers with the greatest comfort at any distance.

It is sophisticated, properly sanitized, and inspected by the responsible company before being used.

Passengers are offered onboard services and amenities according to their requests – a minibar with cold drinks and glasses, appetizers.

The luxury cars offer a very comfortable touch, soft carpets, sunroof, and private electric windows, as well as internal and necessary lights.


Our chauffeurs have taken all training types before arriving at that moment.

They are calm, cordial, kind to passengers, and available to please and do all kinds of services that clients require while they are available.

Chauffeurs know the mechanics of each vehicle’s operation, what to do in case of emergency, how to be on standby for urgent cases, or first aid if one of the passengers needs it.

Our chauffeurs have good general knowledge and speak a second language.

The chauffeur must always be in line, with impeccable clothes, clean, straight and formal appearance, discreet, and not disturb passengers with conversations.

Their concern is with the road and passenger’s well-being.

Safety for your Super Bowl car service

Passenger’s safety must come first. This consists of checking seat belts, airbags and fully inspecting all vehicles before going on trips.

Tires and tubes are checked, oil and air filters monitored, documents from the car, the driver and company protocols up to date, full fuel tank at trusted stations.

Sanitary safety is also thought out. Seats, windows, and doors are sanitized. Due to the pandemic, the chauffeur presents himself with a mask and at the disposal of passengers is offered alcohol gel and extra masks if necessary.

All this must be checked so that the service does not fail before passengers even enter the car.


Despite being a luxury vehicle with high visibility, the person who hired the service often does not want direct contact with people. Many take the time inside the limousine to enjoy some privacy.

A limousine offers passengers moments of relaxation, with good air conditioning, electronic equipment available, such as a cell phone and Bluetooth charger, surround sound and comfortable carpets, as well as the availability of a minibar.

Passenger’s privacy is their only moment, so if they choose, they communicate with the chauffeur only as much as necessary, keeping the electric and inexpensive windows suspended so that he can see the external landscape without being seen and not being disturbed.

Exclusive Super Bowl car service: We are at your disposal

Our services are available 24/7 through chat, email, on our website, and by phone. Talk to our agents, who will guide you on the best service available and the best dates and places to serve you.

Let us know what you need, and we will help you with your planning so that you can make the best and most luxurious trip!

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