Spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Miami

spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in Miami

If you are going to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Miami, check out the best options for celebrating the end of year festivities in the city

1. New Years at Bayfront Park

Miami’s premier New Year’s Eve celebration takes place at Bayfront Park, which hosts a free party each year and features an incredible fireworks show at New Year’s Eve. The view is wonderful, as you can see the island of Biscayne Bay and the buildings of Downtown Miami.

2. Christmas and New Year in restaurants in Miami

Restaurants and bars also celebrate these parties, but it is almost mandatory to make a reservation in advance, so as not to be left out. Some restaurants create a special menu for Christmas and New Year in Miami, with a complete meal at a closed price. A restaurant with a beautiful view is Area 31, which is located on top of the Epic Hotel, and from where you can see the fireworks display in Bayfront Park.

In the same hotel, there is also Zuma, which is a very good Japanese restaurant. And there are also the classic restaurants, such as Outback, TGI Friday’s and Cheesecake Factory, which have a much lower price and do not need a reservation.

3. Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Miami – Nightclubs

For those who like a more hectic celebration, the best clubs in Miami organize their end-of-year parties and do their best with Christmas and New Year decorations. A really good party that almost always takes place is at the pool at the Fontainebleau Resort – a mega pool party that goes until midnight and then people go from there to a club to spend New Year’s Eve and stay until dawn.

LIV Nightclub has one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in Miami Beach, but it’s one of the most expensive (around $200). Mokai, SET and Nikki Beach also have cool parties, with much cheaper prices. Get there early to secure your entry, as the parties are really worth it.

4. Miami Beaches on New Year’s Eve

Miami beach is not as popular on New Year’s Eve as in Brazil, but some people go there to jump over the waves on New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks show (if you can, watch it at the height of Rua 8th Street).

5. Holidays in South Beach

One free party option is the New Year’s Eve with music and fireworks in Miami Beach, which takes place between 9th Street and Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is the most popular avenue in the city and any time of the year there are events and parties there – Christmas and New Year would be no different. Expect lots of lights, music and parties on this avenue.

6. Christmas and New Year on the boats

It is very common for families and groups of friends to get together at the end of the year and take a private boat trip on Biscayne Bay to see the fireworks from a different point of view.

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