Reasons to book a party bus

party bus

Imagine the following situation: Your best friend is about to be married. You and your fellows decide that you should honor this moment with an appropriate event — A bachelor party! Now, what is the right place to gather your closest circle of friends together with the groom’s siblings and cousins?

We are sure that you deserve to celebrate this special moment in great style. In this article, we from Mundi Limos will present some very good reasons to throw your party inside a Bus, and make your prom, wedding, or corporate event very special.

Good reasons to have your inside bus party

1 – Unique experience and style

Going to nightclubs and restaurants for a celebration is very common, but what about going somewhere inside a party on wheels? Surprise your loved ones or business partners with this very exclusive way to have a memorable special night! Next weekend, when people ask them “How was the party?” It will be easier for them to answer all the places in which the party happened, not to mention that our vehicles are known for comfort and high-quality amenities.

2 – Easier to make happen

Renting a place for a party, paying for decoration, hiring food, and bartender service. All these things require planning in advance and mean for sure a bigger amount of stress. On the other hand, if you hire our party bus service, we will take care of every need according to the package you book. Besides the convenience of booking only a few in advance, you will be able to enjoy every moment inside, without worrying about anything the next day.

 3 – Cost efficiency

A party bus, similar to a party limo (but suitable for up to 30 adults) comes with a lot of advantages: We from Mundi Limos have vehicles available 24/7, for instant value delivery upon hiring. We offer a completely stress-free solution, with luxurious, classy, and comfortable busses for a fun and spacious ride experience. Sounds expensive, right?

It’s a lot easier to enjoy your special night by booking our party bus, which includes features like a TV, bar, large beverage coolers, sound system, and also a set of amenities, such as juices and/or drinks, depending on the specific package you choose. Imagine how much such a high-level service would cost if you purchase all these things separately! Don’t forget that there is still a place to rent, mate!

4 – Itinerary flexibility

Our bus will pick you up and drop you off where you want. If you and your group decide to stay inside the vehicle or have a long way before you, you can have a nightclub-like experience meanwhile. Feel free to choose your itinerary!

When you have a party bus booked, your only task is to tell your designated driver where you want to go. Our chauffeurs know enough about the city you are in and its nightlife, your troupe will hit all the hot spots during your party, with the additional advantage that all of you will arrive there at the same time, starting at a common pick-up location.

5 – Increased safety

One of the greatest features included in our services is our trained chauffeurs. You can focus on having fun while they take care of following the best possible route to the chosen destinations. All Mundi’s drivers are knowledgeable and experienced, so, no traffic driving or wasting time with parking lot stress.

Having a designated driver means freedom to party without worries: Since no one is the elected driver, everyone is free to drink if they want, and no one has to take a rest in order to be fit for the return. Our safety measures also cover all Covid-19 safety protocols, driving with us means you are into a deeply cleaned vehicle, with masks and hand sanitizer available.

Celebrate good times with Mundi Limos

Now that you are aware of all the pros of our party bus services, let’s make the right decision and have an unforgettable night inside one of our vehicles. We are waiting for your call!

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