Luxury travel trends

luxury travel trends

For a while now luxury travel has a new meaning. It is authentic and privileged experiences, which are not accessible to any tourist. More than an expensive and sophisticated place, luxury travelers seek a transformative journey, a destination to which few have access. These are the new luxury travel trends.

Luxury travelers have always sought more exclusive services to outstand from others. Now they seek experiences aligned with their values ​​and interests, which allow them to tell the world who they are.

Luxury has a new status. More than showing what they have, luxury travelers want to show who they are.


These travelers need new ways to feel special. They want ultra-personalized itineraries, exclusive amenities, and curated experiences.

A nice example is the Aragu restaurant. Located on Velaa Private Island, Maldives, it offers a personalized tasting menu, following personal preferences.

We can also quote Maverick. The company offers an exclusive helicopter tour, for a maximum of six people, departing from Las Vegas and going to the Valley of Fire State Park, which includes a yoga class.


Neither the elegant and glamorous luster of hotels nor the accumulation of travel is as important as having exclusive and authentic experiences.

The luxury traveler has a strong desire to immerse himself in the authentic destination experiences and feel part of the place. An example is hunting for truffles in Croatia. On the northern Croatian peninsula of Istria there is an area famous for its white and black truffles. Tourists can live like a local and become truffle hunters for the day.

They go out with a hunting dog and the hunter and after the “adventure”, the guests get to visit the hunter’s house to prepare and eat with their family.

Another interesting example is the Sumaq, in Peru. Guests can visit a potato farm, for example. There, they learn about the different types and taste them with a typical Peruvian sauce. Everything is very simple and rustic. But authentic.


Thanks to the greater concern with the impact of their actions, many travelers are increasingly aware of the impact of their actions. They know the negative consequences of their consumption on the environment and on society. And today there is a growing demand for brands that combine luxury and commitment.

The luxury traveler, therefore, values ​​brands that have a socio-environmental responsibility policy. So, ecological interactions at the destination are important.

The “zero plastic” policy in several hotel chains, including luxury ones, is a clear example.

But we also see luxury hotels that have created programs for animal protection. This is the case of Akyra Manor Chiang Mai. It has an elephant protection program and its guests can collaborate on “Elephant Day Care”.

Digital Detox

This is not an exclusive trend for luxury travelers. But it is usually for those who can “afford” to disconnect from the routine for a few days. A Euromonitor survey showed that 75% of luxury travelers in Britain were interested in detox trips. Which means they go to places where they could not be found. On the contrary, they could connect with nature and with the people around them.

Unexplored destinations

The search for unknown and unexplored destinations is more and more frequent. Do you want something more luxurious and exclusive than experiencing glamping in the desert, with all the comfort you are entitled to?

The role of businessmen and luxury tourism professionals is to meet the desires of travelers. And we know they seek personal transformation through their travel experiences.

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