Limousine party for kids and teens

Teens in a limousine party

Traditional teen parties gain sophistication and style when they include luxurious limousine rides. We have put up a list with some examples of giving young people an unforgettable and epic adventure, together with friends and in style! Enjoy a limousine party!

VIP Guest ticket 

Plan the party’s theme and create the invitation with a VIP ticket designed for each guest. Invite friends to embark on the dream world of luxury birthdays. The themes can be diverse, from Barbie to the K-pop bands, Halloween, or whatever is trendy among teenagers. This is a crucial aspect for those who are promoting the party.

It’s a special day, and the idea is that all guests feel excited and enjoy every second inside this fun limousine environment.

Limousine party

Nothing is more unusual and fun than to party in a limo. Limousine parties – whether they are being held for birthdays, prom nights, bar mitzvahs, or others – are events where the vehicle itself is the attraction.

Therefore, the limo is all prepared, decorated with the party theme, and stocked with food and drinks.

They usually last about 5 hours and can include all types of entertainment: music, cinema, lights, games, photo albums and, of course, city tours.

The party can start or end in a specific location according to the theme or the party owner’s preference.

Girls and boys

Nowadays, parties are no longer limited to gender or age. In the past, it was more traditional among girls when they turned 16. Currently, boys also request limousines, and ages can vary from 14 to 18 years old. What counts is to celebrate!

Furthermore, having a party in style is essential for the teen’s social relationships. It’s the time when you enjoy yourself with friends and make good memories to carry to the future.

Enjoy playing with costumes

Ideally, parents should select games and leave some surprises for the party owner or arrange with guests to do so.
But you can also leave them free to play their own games.

They may propose to wear some thematic costume or use accessories and makeup to play and take selfies to post on social networks.

Where to go

The party’s script is up to the teen’s taste.

It can be a drive-in, a distant beach, a theme park, or they can ask to be driven to another place where the big party will be held – but first, they will have a pre-party in the limousine with VIP friends.

Food and drink

The teenager’s parents can offer all kinds of party menus in the limousine, taking advantage of the minibar to serve cold drinks in beautiful bowls and snacks that the kids like. They can be pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, juices, and even ice cream.

If they decide to watch movies inside the limo, giving up popcorn, chocolates or marshmallows can be a good idea.

It is good to think about souvenirs too, which should keep up with the party theme inside the limousine.

Party after party

A big surprise could be having another party after the limo ride.

At the end of the tour, they can be surprised by another party. This would be the limousine’s final stop. Everything will be organized with the chauffeur and VIP friends.

Instead of heading back home, the limousine will make a grand entrance to the second party location.

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