Limo service: All you need to know

limo service


Have you ever wondered about the costs of renting a limo service and what you should check before hiring a service like this?

If you want to have a unique night out, or a memorable day going to an event or any other destination, think about renting a limousine. It’s not as expensive as you think, and you will surely have an unforgettable experience, with more comfort, security and, of course, luxury.

These elegant vehicles can be longer and wider than other standard ones, with luxurious interiors, leather trim and seats for many passengers, minibars, colored windows, LCD TV with DVD player, and amenities like welcome drinks. We guarantee that any event will be much more fun and memorable in a limousine!

Check out below the tips we have for you.


Book from a serious and regular company

Being a private driver or a limo service company such as Mundi Limos, they all need to fulfill the obligations established by law, starting by having a valid VAT number registered by the respective County Authorities.

A license from the Department of Transportation (DOT), which must be associated with the vehicle, is also necessary. This is the only way to rent a limousine in areas of restricted traffic, for example.

At Mundi Limos, we offer transport service to private airports, where it is necessary to have that kind of license.

The chauffeur must have an appropriate driving license for each kind of vehicle.


Vehicle’s conditions

If the chauffeur needs to be in order, the same applies to the vehicle. All limousines must have a thorough revision and cleaning before leaving their location.

The vehicle’s interior fittings are also important. If the model is outdated, you will not find some of the most known features of a modern limousine, such as LCD screen, light effects with laser and fiber optics, or audio systems of a certain level.

Also, check the state of maintenance. The vehicle’s interior and exterior must be impeccable with not a single scratch.

Always make sure the vehicle is inspected before signing a contract with the limo service company.

Fleet, chauffeur and prices

There are some luxury models that can’t be missing in a company, like the Cadillac CT6, or a Mercedez-Bens Sprinter Van. At Mundi Limos, you will find these and much more luxury models.

In addition, make sure the company offers current models, to avoid damaged vehicles, with scratches on the painting or even the leather seats.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate the fleet before renting a limousine.


The chauffeur’s professionalism

Do not forget that we are talking about a high-class service. The chauffeurs must be real professionals, from the suit they wear (necessarily black tie) to the way they behave and relate to the client, being discreet and friendly.

With Mundi Limos, you don’t have to worry about that, since all our professionals are highly trained and qualified to offer the best service possible.


After all, how much does it cost to rent a limousine?

If you still have doubts about renting a limousine due to prices, know beforehand that they are not very high. It only depends on how long you will be using the service and, of course, which model you will choose.

What we can guarantee is a memorable experience, with comfort, security, and the joy that only a limousine can offer you.

So if you need a luxury vehicle to go to a private airport or even to promote a private event, contact Mundi Limos.

If you would like to know how much it costs to rent a limousine, please contact us. We guarantee your satisfaction and the best market solutions.

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