How to pack for a business trip

How to pack for a business trip

It’s a well-known fact that every single trip needs at least a minimum amount of planning before it happens; having no planning may result in spending more money and having a lot of stress and chaos following you during a business trip. On the other hand, a well-planned trip may also be shaken by unforeseen challenges and events, but by having your life and suitcase organized, there is mental space and time to focus on the right things.

Let’s face the facts

Whether it is for business or leisure, packing is not that easy. Despite knowing how many days you will spend far from home, you may feel indecisive about how many clothes of a certain kind you may bring within your luggage. Besides that, it has become a growing tendency for airlines to charge fees for large pieces of luggage.

In other words, the best thing to do is simplify, and be sure that all that you are carrying fits in a carry-on bag or a medium-size suitcase, making your trip easier. In this article, we from MundiLimos will present you with some key rules to pack efficiently and in great style, bringing everything that you will need, avoiding excesses while still being able to tackle an emergency such as spilling coffee on your favourite shirt!

Mundi Limos packing rules for clothing

Have you ever, before packing, thought of how many different looks you will need to bring with yourself in a particular trip? This can be as important as the number of days to be spent somewhere else (trust us!). Besides enough underwear and socks for the amount of days overseas (+additional for emergencies), you’ve got to be able to suit between at least three dress codes.

For each meeting and event, there is an adequate suit — A formal business gathering requires your best dress or button shirt and impeccable grooming standards. Always pack items that are both comfortable for you and appropriate for eventual dress codes in different situations.

Be strategic

Consider both formal and informal meetings when choosing shoes and accessories. For example, your basic black casual sneakers or high heels may fit both a meeting and a relaxed dinner with coworkers, clients and partners. Bringing your favourite wrist watch and/or earrings should be a priority over your collection of bracelets, because it fits a greater number of situations. Dress smarter, pack smarter.

Consider specific situations regarding your moments of leisure. If you regularly exercise, remember this specific situation and pack your running shoes (Don’t you exercise while travelling? Read Mundi’’s article on “How to Stay Fit During a Business Trip”). Anyway, packing smart means bringing no more than three pairs of shoes.

Always check the local weather!

No matter what time of the year you’re travelling, checking the local weather online and/or asking locals about eventual fluctuations is never a waste of time. Destinations with extreme weather conditions are easy to pack for, while more mild conditions require more versatile items. By a simple question of supply and demand, warm winter clothes are not the cheapest in cold places, as well as flip flops are more expensive at the beach.

Items like an umbrella, waterproof rain boots and a heavy winter coat can change, if not dictate (or double) the size of your luggage. Remember that you can build many options of outfit around a single coat. Heavy boots and big jackets are easier to wear than to carry — We are talking about a minimalist, smart packing approach for your journey (We are actually challenging you to do so).

Let’s leave the frozen life for ice creams and Disney characters!

Our advice on hand luggage

Fragile items are not suitable for luggage compartments. Keep your most expensive gadgets, like your laptop, your phone or tablet and important documents in your hand luggage. Things with practical utility such as chargers, notepad, business cards and a good pen should be always with you.

Your handbag may also include your favourite hygiene items, such as toothbrush, favourite lipstick or shaving blade and parfum. Here is some important advice — If one of your suits is the most important one, such as your uniform, or any other outfit you just can’t forget, consider the possibility of bringing it with you as hand luggage, in your transportation.

Time to go home

When your trip is finished, you will be able to repack your stuff in less time if you follow the guidelines we brought to you in this article.

Don’t forget that, in any situation, we have a top level corporate transport service willing to bring you and your luggage to the airport in an excellent way.

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