Bleisure: A business travel trend


Have you ever read or heard the word “bleisure” which combines business travel and leasure? If you haven’t, it’s just a matter of time.

More and more companies are opening up their corporate culture to the individualities of workers. A dress code flexibility, home office regimes, and social networks are changing business environments, which become more diverse, flexible, and attractive every day.

For this reason, corporate travel has also embraced these trends, opening doors for bleisure, combining the concepts of business and leisure. Interesting, right?

Bleisure goes beyond combining these two activities. By extending a business visit so that employees can take a trip with friends and family, they provide opportunities for professionals to improve the balance between life and work, discover new places and cultures and transform their ties with the company.

Mixing leisure and work most of the time is worth it. This is what a study by the University of East London (UEL) and commissioned by London airport shows. The survey reveals that corporate travelers feel more productive when they practice bleisure.

The survey shows that 61% of respondents say they become more productive after trips that include moments of relaxation and fun. Of the people interviewed, 36% extended their business trip for leisure activities.

During a corporate trip with bleisure, 54% of the travelers had the company of a family member or friend.

To embrace this trend and make your corporate travel more enjoyable and productive, check out what we have prepared for you below!


After all, what are the advantages of bleisure?

Bleisure brings a series of benefits to companies, generating motivation to hit goals and significantly improving productivity and the results of negotiations.

With bleisure, the employee has the option of extending the trip for a few days to enjoy the tourist attractions, taking advantage of the fact that most of the expenses are paid by the company. They manage to make a good trip just paying the extra daily rates and the costs incurred on leisure days.

Motivated by the days of leisure, the employee can optimize the time he would apply for business. This makes the journey more productive and shorter for the company.

Motivation for work

Knowing new places and having a job that offers a diversified routine motivates many professionals, but moving around very often can be very exhausting, especially for employees who are married or have children.

In this sense, bleisure helps motivate employees who need to travel more often, because, in addition to doing business, they can also rest and enjoy their destination.

Some companies include the possibility of taking the family on bleisure trips, so that employees only need to pay extra expenses. Thus, especially for those with young children, working hours need not be a concern.

It is also worth mentioning that the relationship of the employee’s family with the company changes, as they can provide good experiences to their family.

The company can hire a luxury car service that offers options for both business and leisure trips, so that travelers have the option of booking city tours with the same trustworthy company.

Mundi’s limo service is highly experienced in business travels, with a team of specialists who know each company’s transportation needs. We also offer transportation for special events, city tours, and even roadshows.


How to apply it in a company’s travel management policy

Including bleisure in a travel management policy can set limits and reduce the risks associated with business travel. Do not leave this step aside. It is essential to have a well-defined bleisure policy in the organization.

Of course, bleisure policies must be made according to the possibilities and needs of each company, but a few points are essential:


  • Set the number of days employees can add to a trip
  • Choose off-limits locations, mainly for security reasons
  • List the activities that are not allowed on these leisure days
  • Make it clear to what extent the company covers the safety of fellow travelers (family and accompanying friends)
  • Clarify if the traveler will be able to share the hotel room with their companion


In the end, bleisure travel is an excellent alternative for organizations that want to make their employees always motivated and assist in its growth. Furthermore, as long as it has a very clear, defined, and well-known policy, bleisure travel is likely to promote greater profits than expenses.

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