Smart tips on keeping your belongings safe during travels

Businessman at the airport


The new normal

Coronavirus changed the way of traveling. In the beginning, nobody would have thought it would be that different. It’s already been two years since the world has changed the way of traveling due to the pandemic. However, it seems the world begins to emerge from lockdown. As more and more people are getting their vaccine shots, travels gets back to their ordinary pace. Travelers, who have been largely confined to home, are starting to enjoy the leisure and corporate trips once again.

Time has arrived to mind the travel agenda and its affairs. Before going anywhere, one should bear in mind there’s plenty of detailed planning to do, such as looking for the best means of transportation, purchasing tickets, booking a hotel stay or any flight, or even things to do there and finally yet importantly: Packing! Therefore, depending on the purpose of your trip, you may be taking expensive goods, which will travel with you, and it’s very important to keep these valuable belongings safe.


Tip #1: Pack smarter!

Proper packing of your smart suitcase is a skill that demands time to perfect. Regardless, of whether you’re packing a tote back, backpack, wheeled bag, or a carry-on-bag, you must plan to put some absolute must-have travel items, not only has clothes for the number of days you will spend away, but also any toiletry pouch, which can help you create a seamless travel experience. The best option is to choose a minimalist approach, taking everything you need with you, an extra for emergencies, and nothing more. That will help to keep your belongings safe.

A good piece of advice shared by all traveling experts is to try to avoid packing too many clothes, excessive pairs of shoes, and useless stuff. So that, you will save plenty of space for valuable things, such as possibly your professional camera if you are a photographer, your laptop to work, and other expensive and yet necessary items.


Keep your valuables safe

Whenever you pack, make sure you leave enough room to not only transport your priorities but to do so in a way that protects them from being missing or broken at the end of your trip — Even your selected pieces of clothing can be used in your favor: Wrap some of your breakable items in your clothes! Things like a bottle of perfume, shampoo, or wine can be protected by a piece of bubble wrap, and your clothes will give them some padding too. Luggage handlers are not always that careful with suitcases, so that do your best while packing.

Moreover, it’s only the worst-case scenario, but there’s always a possibility of your luggage being mislaid of its destination. Therefore, you’d rather board with anything that would make it less of a headache to spend a day or two waiting to be reunited with all your belongings, like your power converter and all of your chargers. Bear in mind that bottles and similar may also add a lot of weight and size to your carry-on luggage, and since airlines are charging fees for heavier or larger pieces of a suitcase, let’s spare your luggage’s space for other expensive working tools, documents and your favorite pieces of jewelry if there are any.


Prevention is key

Almost all busy airports have small luggage wrapping businesses inside. For some people, it may seem silly to spend up to 25 dollars to wrap your bags in plastic. A simple solution that provides more protection against hits and scratches. It is also harder for any keen-eyed thief to do any illegal insertion (drugs, guns) or invasion before and during your flight if your bag is wrapped. Furthermore, by wrapping your luggage, you prevent any harsh weather or liquids split from other passengers’ suitcases, which can permanently stain yours.

Another very easy and effective way to protect your bags is buying a lock small enough (Yet resistant!) to be attached to your suitcase’s zipper. Some luggage locks also have openings with number combinations and even open alert lights. In general, there are some minor investments, which will give you a lot of peace of mind along with your flight. Remember that in this business, the prices of prevention are always lower than the costs of a new suitcase and/or valuable belongings.


Keeping safe after you arrive

Once you get to the airport, always keep your eyes on your belongings at any time along with your travel. Although it may seem like a good idea to have a break or a coffee before facing the baggage claim, it’s definitely not (trust us!). Waiting may allow time for observing people full of bad intentions of stealing your suitcase. Get your stuff first and then relax right after.

Be aware of your surroundings: Traveling puts you in unknown places and circumstances. So, the best thing to do is always to keep an eye on your stuff. Documents, wallets, and money in cash should be always tied to your body in a money belt rather than in your pockets. If you are tired or sleepy, it’s also a good idea to already look for safe transport to your hotel. We from MundiLimos offer a top-level transportation service that can drive you anywhere with a very high level of safety, not only on the road but also on your belongings.

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