Business trip: Enjoy luxury and comfort

Business trip

For executives in charge of important companies, the world does not stop, and it is necessary to have the most qualified services at their disposal when they are on a business trip.

For this reason, hiring an executive transfer can be the best solution for your professional needs. Luxury cars and limousines are prepared to offer you comfort and discretion.

Plan your business trip calendars with a luxury car service

Count on the team’s professionalism to fulfill your schedule. Plan your route according to your corporate commitments and be transferred from the location of your choice to your desired destination.

If your trip includes several appointments in different places, you will have a customer relations team to plan your route in advance so that you can enjoy a pleasant trip at the right time while fulfilling your goals.

Chauffeurs are trained and willing to take you at the right time without stress or setbacks. With route planning and GPS directions, he will be able to inform you of every travel detail and the estimated time of arrival at each point you have chosen.

Carpe Diem

Although you may have a busy schedule, be sure to enjoy some leisure moments during your business trip. You will be in a luxury car, with air conditioning, cold drinks, snacks, and a good view from the window. Enjoy the scenery!

Many business meetings are held in beautiful places, including paradisiacal beaches and local tourist attractions or renowned restaurants and hotels. You can also enjoy the road view while being transferred.

At the time you need

It doesn’t matter if your appointment will be at dawn or until very late. The client is the one who decides where and when he will be picked up and dropped off. Chauffeurs are prepared for long journeys and at the time that the client determines.

A luxury car service company is always aware that appointments may last longer than planned, or that the client may decide to change locations, stay longer or leave early. Whatever the decision is, count on the support of chauffeurs and a team of specialists to adapt to your itinerary.

Mundi’s luxury fleet

We have a very diverse fleet with several luxury car options to select from. You can choose between sedans, SUVs, minibuses, and coaches.

Our luxury cars are equipped with the best technology to provide you with nothing but excellence and comfort.

Check all vehicle options on our website and be sure that you will find the best model for your business trip.
Private Aviation

Corporate clients often fly in private jets and have a very tight schedule. Mundi Limos is one of the top companies serving the private aviation market, and our chauffeurs ready to take you on time for the scheduled appointment.

Your business meetings will be attended with style and a strong presence when you arrive in a luxury car.

Onboard luxuries

Mundi Limos has several onboard services to offer in the car of your choice. According to your preference, each vehicle provides luxury alternatives for your traveling comfort.

You will find all kinds of amenities:

In our sedans and SUVs, you have bottled water, mints, tissue box, hand sanitizer, cell phone charger and Wi-Fi.

By choosing our luxury Sprinters, you will have beyond standard amenities: TV with LCD Monitor, DVD/CD player, premium rear audio, and bar console. Vans are preferred to travel with an executive group of up to 7 people in the vehicle

Business trips and city tours

If you are planning to attend a business meeting in a different city, take the opportunity to get to know it.

There is nothing better than having a business lunch in the city center. You can also enjoy a walk and see the local shops, if there are trendy fairs or malls, and even visit famous sights. Enjoy shopping and taking souvenirs from your trip, if you want.

Don’t worry about the luggage and the time it will take. The chauffeur is ready to help you carry whatever you need. Take advantage of your free time to photograph, visit parks and squares or take a walk to relax.

Work is over. Enjoy

After your workday, get some rest and enjoy the place. Even if you’re ready to go home, check how much time you have left. The chauffeur can take you on one last ride for dinner or to enjoy the city view before facing the road or heading to the airport.

Mundi Limos vehicles have Wi-Fi, and the chauffeur can help you find the right places to have a snack or dinner during your travel.

A business trip can be very tiring after a full day of dedication to achieving your goals.

So, enjoy the comfort of a luxury car and relax. You deserve to rest.

You are our responsibility

Punctuality, cordiality, security and trustworthiness. Mundi Limos always has the best to offer you. Count on the most modern fleet and choose the most suitable vehicle for your work commitments.

Do not worry about anything. The company has responsible employees, chauffeurs who are committed to your route and schedule to follow, available for all times you need. Count on our team.

Have a chat with our customer relations agents and plan the best for your business day.

We will plan the most suitable route with punctuality and scheduled times for all your appointments.

Mundi Limos is here to be your best business partner!

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