Corporate mobility: A growing trend for companies


corporate mobility

Corporate mobility should be a concern for companies, especially in large cities. Thousands of people wake up and leave the house very early every day to get to work. The result is spending and traffic jams, in addition to other disorders, which can take hours.

Corporate mobility is an alternative for companies, especially those that are concerned with the well-being of employees.

What is corporate mobility?

Corporate mobility is about adopting strategies for companies to encourage their employees to adopt sustainable and smart ways to get to and from work, or even reduce the number of trips made.

The importance of corporate mobility lies in the fact that companies are great motivators for the displacements made by most people.

Many studies point out that half of the trips made every day in urban centers are to get to work. Most of these people use their own cars to reach the companies where they work.

All this volume of people on the streets gave rise to the concept of corporate mobility. For this reason, the responsibility for solving problems related to urban mobility should not rest solely with the public authorities.

How can corporate mobility be part of companies?

Companies have adopted the concept from different segments and sizes in different ways.

A considerable advantage of having the corporate mobility service is to increase the ease of commuting. For this, you can adopt a corporate car service company to drive a team of executives, for example.

This can be a more agile and comfortable way to get to work, as employees often live relatively close to each other but do not know it.


By hiring a car service, the company can facilitate grouping three or four people and even order the work schedules for the effectiveness of rides daily.

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Many companies can get along with this model, with professionals exchanging project ideas and cooperating to reduce stress along the way, ensuring a better work dedication.

Think of it as an excellent way to help improve the quality of life for employees.

Just aim the executives’ productivity. They will spend less time and energy in traffic when they go to the company every day, allowing more performance and quality in their daily tasks.

Companies can also implement a more intelligent corporate mobility model in cases where transportation is part of the business and involves a lot of traveling.

Hiring companies specialized in corporate transfer can be the solution, as it presents:

1. Savings with several fees involved in the cost of own cars
2. End of expenses with fueling, parking, cleaning, accessories
3. End of expenses with repairs, taxes, and possible fines
4. Support for corporate car service, ensuring more security
5. Agility, practicality, and punctuality in transportation.

Which type of mobility is the best option?

In addition to making the company more attractive to its public, corporate mobility brings this innovative option that influences the employee’s better living and working conditions.

A survey made with 750 American companies proves that it is advantageous for organizations to invest in mobility services, from simple initiatives, such as hiring transfers, to offering free rides to team members.

According to the study, 57% of these companies plan to invest in the area, but 11% of them already offer travel sharing for their teams and values so that they can get to work safely.

What makes this trend so attractive to the businesses surveyed? Your return on investment, which is up to 100% in relation to satisfaction.

Other relevant numbers raised by the research are related to reducing absenteeism in companies to historically low rates (8%) and the increase in productivity, perceived in up to 83% of professionals. When commuting with less risk to work, they started to work at least one more hour each shift.

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