Car service: Comfort and safety during the pandemic

car service covid

A luxury car service for airports and FBOs increasingly presents itself as a safe and comfortable option for those seeking quality and exclusive treatment with sophistication.

During the pandemic, chauffeurs and employee hygiene was doubled and the vehicle’s cleanliness is focused on quality and excellence. It’s important to follow all CDC guidelines.

A series of safety and hygiene measures were taken, combined with a gentle and understanding human interaction, offering comfort and courtesy in each social treatment.

There are several examples of how car service evolved during the pandemic:

Car service near me

It is essential that the availability of car service companies is 24 hours dedicated to customers. Service must be available online for any bookings/reservations at any time.

Clients seek the best service at the moment and location they need. Mundi Limos offers a 24-hour online service with a luxury fleet available upon each client’s preferences, at the time and place of their choice.

In addition to employees available for any queries online, prepared chauffeurs are willing to pick up and take clients whenever they need and wherever they want.

Full car service and cleaned vehicles

Cleaning the fleet is one of the biggest concerns of a luxury car service company. It must be 100% sanitized, the cars need to be presented to clients as new, with impeccable bodywork and glass without fingerprints or dust.

It is important that is fully and thoroughly washed and cleaned, including benches and carpets. Any stains are washed with suitable cleaning products. Due to the pandemic, sanitizers with alcohol are sprayed throughout the vehicle avoiding any Covid contagion outbreak and germs.

Even before being selected for a specific service, a total cleaning is dedicated to the vehicle before any service, so that it is ready and prepared to search for an eventual client.

Airport car service

Comfort and luxury are tied to the safety of a perfectly clean and sanitized vehicle, willing to take you at the agreed time without delay or accidents.

Mundi Limos offers an online reservation service so that your trip can be planned in advance. The service is available 24 hours. Contact us by phone, email, website, or chat.

The best airport transfer is offered in luxury cars with total discretion, comfort and safety. Our chauffeur is trained and qualified to drive in any conditions and at any time according to the client’s needs.

In everything you need, you will have at your disposal the human dedication and reliability of the professionals destined for transportation, willing to provide all kinds of assistance in locomotion of difficult access or in any need of help in the displacement, as in the case of wheelchair users, the elderly, infants and infirm.

Count on the kindness and understanding of the chauffeur at your disposal. He will be provided with all the necessary information on traffic, parking, and more accessible routes for car access in the transfer integration.

Transport Health and Safety

Luxury cars will not leave the company in search of passengers without first being properly inspected. It is a civic duty and a commitment that companies must have with their clients to offer the minimum of health security in the middle of a pandemic.

Mundi Limos sets an example by training and qualifying all employees who deal directly with clients for prevention.

Chauffeurs introduce themselves to customers in uniform, wearing masks, in impeccable clothing and clean shoes. Before going on the trip, they clean their hands, doors and handles, and the vehicle leaves the company completely cleaned inside.

Privacy and point-to-point car service

This is not a time for crowding or public exposure to risks. The dedication to the client must be complete and include a certain feeling of comfort in relation to their privacy.

Luxury car services from Mundi Limos offer privacy without disturbing the intimacy and personal conversations of passengers with each other, interacting only when requested.

The service is point-to-point, that is, the customer who decides where it will be picked up and taken, without interruptions for supply or any other stop by the driver, unless this is the customer’s wish.

Check Mundi’s fleet on our website and you will notice that there is a separation device between the back seat and the driver’s seat compartment.

Car service business

Men and women can have business solutions and fulfill company social commitments with the help of our fleet service. Plan your professional schedule by combining the workday with a nice walk around the city or sections related to your planning. Take advantage of the comfort and safety that transport offers you to move around all the places you need and want to know.

Reserve the time and place to plan

Although we are going through a difficult time like the pandemic, it is still possible to learn from adversity and adapt. That’s why we never stop offering quality service, especially with the best luxury cars available.

A trip, even for business or for appointments, can be as pleasant and comfortable as a vacation trip.

Feel free to get in touch with Mundi Limos professionals online and plan your trip with the reservation of the day, time and vehicle of your choice. Talk to our attendants and receive all information about our fleet and staff, plan your destination and know the availability of the best routes for your transportation.

Commitment to quality and well-being

The pandemic has shown us that, above all problems, we are always ready to find new solutions and overcome all difficulties. Count on our ability to always offer the best for our customers!

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