Business Intelligence for corporate trips

business intelligence

A concept that has been gaining more and more place in the business world, Business Intelligence allows the monitoring of everything that happens in the business, in the market or in a specific activity, such as corporate travel.

BI consists of the process of collecting data based on all actions taken, in addition to organization and analysis. This data is transformed into concise information and is shared to key positions.

How is this strategy relevant to corporate travel?

BI has become a great asset for companies as it has given managers back something that is often lost in their daily work: control over everything that happens in the company. In fact, the entire Business Intelligence strategy consists of information. And it is not enough just to collect and store all possible data, but to use it strategically in decision making.

And how can this improve corporate travel? The answer is simple: this strategy helps in organizing all the planning and solving unforeseen events. After all, it is possible to control the entire operation for a specific activity or event such as a trip.

A BI-based management helps the company to have a better plan on what needs to be done so that employees have a positive experience and the company achieves the goals it expects. You won’t have to waste months organizing a trip, compromising other work functions, productivity. In addition, you will be able to reduce costs and make better decisions, even without previous experience in organizing travel.

And how to apply it in practice?

Once you understand the theory and importance of BI, you need to apply it within the context of corporate travel. In practice, this strategy can be used by the company to:

Discovering your main needs

Before developing a product or service, what is the first step companies take? Know your client’s profile and needs. This understanding is necessary to build customer loyalty and increase profits. This same idea holds true for any professional field; before offering a service, it is necessary to know the demands of those who will be reached by it.

In the case of corporate travel, managers need to know the needs of their own company. Each of them requires a specific direction.

If your intention is to stand out in the market, trips with the aim of closing deals are viable investments, but if the problem is in the results achieved, the participation of employees in congresses, fairs and lectures in other cities and even countries can improve the level of training and interfere in the quality of the work performed.

And it is precisely at this point that Business Intelligence can be an ally. Even if you are aware of everything that happens in each sector, there is always information that gets lost. BI allows you to have all the data, and the biggest needs of your company, at hand to organize a successful trip.

Building an effective plan

The entire BI process is based on the collection, organization and analysis of data that will support the management of an idea, a project and, in the case of this article, a corporate travel plan. For a trip to be carried out successfully, it needs to achieve the goals sought by the company, stay within a predetermined budget and promote a good experience for the employee. And without organization none of this is achieved.

Following a Business Intelligence strategy, you will be able to collect relevant information, such as: What is the main goal of this trip? What are the employees going on the trip? Which companies will be hired to provide the transportation service? What is the essential information about the location and security of the hotel?. And, above all, how will expenses be paid and controlled?

Once these and other pertinent questions are answered, the answers need to be organized and shared with the rest of the leadership. And that’s where the second stage of BI comes in: data integration. Management software are important technological devices to store and make information available to all interested parties.

Expense control

One of the biggest challenges in organizing corporate travel is the control of travel expenses. A market Intelligence software can solve this problem and help with cost monitoring and reimbursement.

That’s because this tool has the ability to map and update numbers during the trip, generate expense reports automatically, identify areas that need cuts and improve financial control for other trips carried out by the company.

Results analysis

The entire Business Intelligence process is based on analysis. This strategy has been so successful in companies precisely because it educates employees and managers to work and understand the information they have, instead of leaving it stored anywhere or just throwing it away.

What was the results regarding the progress of the trip? Was there any kind of networking? Will the acquired knowledge be relevant for future actions in the company? Were any business opportunities observed? In the case of corporate travel, this analysis is a fundamental process. After all, they are carried out with a goal, and it is necessary to understand if it has really been achieved.

A corporate trip is an important instrument the team’s motivation, as it helps them to leave the common place and seek development in some way. But it needs to have other purposes, in order to improve the performance and results of the company as a whole. And without a post-trip analysis it is impossible to know whether these goals were achieved or not.

Now that you better understand the importance of Business Intelligence to organize a corporate trip, you can include Mundi’s luxury corporate transportation in your business trip plan.

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