Moon Worlds Resorts: All about the billionaire resorts that mimic the Moon


The Canada-based company Moon Worlds Resorts to intend starting the construction of a five-star hotel and casino whose marquee attraction is a lunar colony that will mimic the moon. So, rather than taking a journey to the actual moon, you could hop on a much shorter flight to Las Vegas, where a moon-themed resort has been planned.


Moon Worlds Resorts

Creator Michael R. Henderson unveiled his idea for a mega Resort complex with a concept is designed to be a five-star, five-diamond luxury resort-like nothing else on planet earth. Moon World Resorts aims to build a mammoth 735-foot-tall moon-like sphere, a building designed to be a unique luxury destination resort, that will span 5.5m square feet and include 4,000 rooms. With an estimated construction cost of US$ 5 billion, the promise is to democratize space tourism.

A real space flight cost around $200,000 to $250,000, so most people don’t have money to pay for this experience. The Moons Worlds Resorts proposal is to offer a moon visit for $500, so the masses can walk on an authentic lunar surface and enjoy exploring a lunar colony.

The property intends to offer a multitude of amenities inside. Current plans estimate 4,000 hotel rooms, a casino, planetarium, 2,500-seat theater, 10,000-seat arena, and spaceship-themed nightclub. One of the main attractions is a “crater cafe” across its 5.5 million square feet.

As the main part of experiencing an “active lunar colony,” people will occupy the sphere’s uppermost portions, paying $500 to spend 90 minutes exploring artificial lunar terrain in a “moon buggy.” MWR anticipates that 2.5 million visitors will fork over the money for the experience annually. Moon Resort and Casino will be intended to be truly escape into the future with hundreds of attractions.

Guests will access the colony with a “moon shuttle” reminiscent of a rollercoaster that circles the exterior of the hotel suites as they ascend. The plan includes also be a planetarium, a venue for live performances, a piano bar, and shops, according to those at Moon World Resorts (MWR). Naturally, the “Moon” sphere will be illuminated at night to mimic the phases of the Moon.

Moon requires a 12-month pre-development planning program, followed by a 48-month build process. The estimate is construction starts in 2023, the opening happens around 2027-28. There are plans for four “Moon” resorts in the US, UAE, Singapore and Spain. This also isn’t the first time the hotel that mimics the moon has been proposed, nor the only location MWR intends to construct it.


Moon Resort in Vegas

First proposed in 2002 for Las Vegas, there was also talk in 2016 of it being built in Coachella Valley, California. Investors are competing for licenses for the property, which also plans to open outposts in other countries. Ambitious plans, but certainly will still be easier to go to Las Vegas than to get on a rocket and go into orbit. What did you say?


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