Super Bowl 2021: Attractions in Tampa Bay



Tampa Bay is a beautiful beach paradise surrounded by palm trees that frame a wonderful sunset on the west coast of Florida. And the city will host the Super Bowl 2021.

The invitation to several tours is inevitable because the waterfront is a great place to spend the day with family and friends, ride a bike and enjoy the restaurants with great menus typical of the region.

In addition to the natural landscape’s beauty, Tampa Bay offers several unusual attractions that guarantee fun all day for the whole family.

The city got its name from the Old Tampa River that flows into Hillsborough Bay, and together they form Tampa Bay in Hillsborough County.

Tampa’s name was given by those who colonized the region, using a term originally from the native European language, probably Polish.

Tampa Bay will host the Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021, at the Raymond James Stadium. In addition to the excitement of the traditional decision day, Tampa is home to the Buccaneers, who are still playing for the decision, and there is still hope for the team to win at home.

Visit Busch Gardens while in Tampa for the Super Bowl 2021

The development belongs to SeaWorld company, a conglomerate of theme parks. Busch Gardens Tampa is an African-themed park set in the 19th century, resembling a safari.

Varied vegetation, tribal prints, and exotic animals throughout the park and, of course, rollercoasters are what Busch Gardens has to offer.

There are more than 300 acres of land, lots of nature, although natively artificial, and adventure toys, like dozens of roller coasters.

There are several segmented poles in the park, each representing a geographic theme from Africa: Morocco, Congo, Nairobi, among others, each with radical toys to amuse the whole family.

Adventure Island

A partner of Busch Gardens Tampa, Adventure Island is a water park belonging to the SeaWorld group.

It is a great place to go with young children, as it is not too crowded and has all kinds of attractions aimed at family enjoyment. A wide variety of water games can be the ideal fun for typical Florida hot days.

Arriving a few days before the Super Bowl 2021? Visit the Florida Aquarium

One of Tampa’s main tourist attractions, the aquarium, features more than 20,000 marine species and aquatic plants, both native to Florida and brought from around the world.

Among the attractions, there is the possibility of swimming with sharks and to take a diving class, swimming with fishes and corals.

The Aquarium also offers visitors all kinds of knowledge they can seek about marine fauna, whether they are an interested researcher or student or even a photographer or videographer who wants to make records about their marine animals.

Fishing in Tampa Bay

Fishing is a typical activity in Tampa Bay. It is possible to fish all year round, whether on dry dock, pier, or using boats.

Sportfishing is very popular and close to the coast you can find species up to 2 meters. The most common fish found in Tampa Bay’s vicinity are sea bass, mackerel, grouper, and even tuna.

Boat trips are not limited to Tampa Bay and may extend to the nearest resorts. Close to the fishing region’s edge, there are bars and restaurants where you can enjoy appetizers and fresh fish from the region itself.

Ybor City

A great place to stroll in Tampa is through the historic center of Ybor City. Colonized by Cubans, full of typical restaurants, vintage stores, and clothing boutiques.

There is a shopping center with cinema and bars in the region, a typical old bakery from the 1920s, and it is worth visiting the Ybor City State Museum, which tells the story of the cigar industry and the local Cuban community.

Ybor City is composed of only 4 or 5 blocks, but the Cuban community’s charm and representativeness shine on the house fronts and bars decorations, shops, and restaurants.

Cruise with Dolphins

A great tour suggestion is to take a dolphin appreciation cruise. The cruise departs from Tampa Bay and follows a 90-minute route through waters teeming with marine life.

You can find manatees, sea turtles, and the expected dolphins surrounding the boats and making fun of tourists. It is the ideal fun to have with the family, pleasing children and adults.

Super Bowl 2021 in Tampa Bay: Indians and Pirates

Florida’s history is told through tribal artifacts of Tampa’s native Indians, the Tocobaga, Miccosukee, Calusa, and Seminole.

The collection is on display at the Tampa Bay History Center, where objects from the Age of Exploration are also found, offering boarding with a pirate crew, where visitors learn all about the ship and sailors’ responsibilities.

In January, anyone can be a pirate on Bayshore Boulevard, participating in the pirate parade, in which buccaneers throw beaded necklaces from floats and pirate cannons are fired, making the party.

Gasparilla is a typical Tampa Bay carnival, with floats from pirate ships, a simple tribute to the legendary pirate José Gaspar. Pirate folklore is part of Tampa Bay’s popular history, but no one is sure if it really existed.

During the parade, pirates throw beads and coins to the people, remembering the pirates’ treasures. This tradition is very similar to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras.

Driving around

Tampa Bay is a city cut by canals and has a beautiful strip of sand. It is worth taking a good car ride throughout the region, following the resort’s limits, and enjoying all the region’s beauty.

A good range of restaurants and bars serves typical food, whether by Latin influence, such as the Cuban gastronomic menu or typical beach food, with the best fish in the region.

Tampa Bay is a cheerful and welcoming city, with the sun hitting practically all year round. There is no way to be discouraged with so many options and such beautiful landscapes around.

However, it is also surrounded by the most beautiful beach houses with good rental locations. Being on the theme park route, it is often sought after by tourists.

Mundi Limos is a great option to take you everywhere in Tampa Bay, giving you the comfort you deserve without worrying about routes and roads.

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