16 tips for your sweet 16 party

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The long-awaited moment of celebrating 16 years of life requires proper preparation so that the celebration takes place the way the birthday girl dreamed. For you to know how to prepare for this type of event very effectively, we have separated 16 tips for organizing a sweet 16 party. These will help event professionals as well as those who have never organized a party.

1. Spending planning

First of all, start with a prior budget of any expenses you will have to produce the event. When planning your expenses, you will be better able to prepare for possible setbacks and avoid losses. To make it easier, you can create a financial planning worksheet that will help you when calculating the party expenses.

Remember to be as organized as possible, without leaving important decisions until the last minute. Furthermore, it is essential to know exactly what will be necessary for the event to go according to your plans.

2. Choose the right place

Estimate how many people will be invited in order to find a suitable venue. In the case of small parties, it is even possible to hold the event in a ballroom or a farm. Regardless of the size, don’t forget that the place must have the capacity for the expected number of guests, as well as the sanitary and safety requirements to avoid problems. And pay attention to the logistical issue, such as access roads and parking options close to the site.

3. Hire a limousine service

After choosing the venue, this is a very important step. By hiring a limo service for the party you guarantee that the birthday girl arrives in style and feels like a princess, as she should. She can start celebrating with her closest friends inside a limousine with all amenities, onboard services and her favorite songs.

Let Mundi offer you and your guests an unforgettable celebration. Our limousine service will meet your needs with all the sophistication, safety and comfort you would expect from a five-star transfer service. This will definitely guarantee an unforgettable sweet 16 party.

4. Think twice before setting the date and time

When it’s time to set the date for the party, think twice so that you don’t make mistakes. For example: don’t even consider the possibility of marking the event too close to a holiday, after all, many people tend to travel. Another precaution concerns exam weeks since the target audience is teenagers, that is, those who are still at school and need to spend a good deal of time studying for exams, which can fall into specific weeks, making it difficult to attend parties.

Regarding time schedule, the main detail is linked to the day of the week. Parties that take place on weekends can start and end late. It’s just not worth starting late, but having to end the fun early, either because the place does not allow music up to late hours or for any other reason.

5. Check the birthday girl’s style to decorate correctly

Start decorating based on the teenager’s tastes, so that the party represents the girl’s style. Research creative ideas, and if you are unfamiliar with decorating, hire a decorator, who will know exactly how to satisfy the birthday girl and guests. A really cool trend is to have a themed 16th birthday party.

6. Prepare an invitation gift

This is an item given to each guest along with the invitation. The indispensable item can be a bracelet or any other accessory that matches the party’s theme, without the need to print the birthday girl’s name, so that they can use it even after the event.

7. Establish criteria for the guest list

Of course, it makes you want to invite everyone you know to a party, but ideally, set criteria for the guest list to include only those who are special. So, explain to the birthday girl that she should think about people who are part of her life for her sweet 16 party.

If the venue’s capacity cannot accommodate the number of possible guests, it is recommended to limit contact and intimacy. That is, inviting relatives out of obligation and leaving friends outside is not a good idea, after all, there are relatives who are distant or who usually only stay for dinner.

8. Put all information in the invitation

When preparing the invitation, enter all the necessary information for guests to know how to dress and how to get to the venue, as well as the time when the party will start. The invitation design needs to be in tune with the theme and, consequently, with the decor. Also, try to send invitations as early as possible so that confirmation doesn’t take too long. And it is also possible to send virtual invitations, depending on the situation.

9. Be careful when setting the party menu

One of the reasons for the party’s success is food and drinks. Make a pre-tasting with the birthday girl before the event, in order to ensure the best choice. Also, see what kind of food best matches the selected theme. Also, define how guests will be served and hire highly qualified professionals to handle the food, from preparation to delivery to waiters.

10. Hire a special attraction

You can try to make the sweet 16 party even more interesting. So hire a special attraction, such as a famous actor to dance with the birthday girl, a famous DJ, a comedian to entertain guests or even a local band to play a special song.

11. Check out the work of those who will film and photograph

Before your final decision on who will film and photograph the event, check the professionals portfolio, in order to ensure quality work. If you pick someone incompetent, you won’t be able to go back in time and record the same moments again.

12. Get the music selection right

Whether it’s a band or a DJ, whoever is responsible for the music must be aware of musical trends. After all, a lively party depends a lot on music to be a hit among kids, who are increasingly demanding.

13. Pay attention to lighting

One of the aspects that helps to set the mood for the party is the lighting. With that in mind, make sure that the equipment used will do the job and hire someone capable of creating beautiful visual effects that accompany every moment of the event.

14. Be careful with the sound

As music is essential for a successful sweet 16 party, make sure the sound is perfect. This is also true for times when people deliver speeches using microphones or when a slideshow with videos or photos is displayed.

15. Remember the party accessories

As much as everything goes as scheduled, it is essential to ensure that guests remember the party using party accessories. It is possible to bet on funny or traditional items. Everything will depend on the birthday girl’s style.

16. Check all details before starting

Don’t forget to check all the details before starting the event, to make sure everything goes the way you imagined. To do so, make a soundcheck, talk to employees about the code of conduct, check out the security measures, among many other factors that will contribute to the success of your sweet 16 party.

Now that you know how to organize a 16th birthday party, just apply our tips and let Mundi be part of your special event. We will make sure the birthday girl has a memorable experience.

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