Where to stay in Los Angeles: Neighborhoods and hotels

where to stay in los angeles

Choosing where to stay in Los Angeles is often a hard task for travelers. When deciding it, you must take into account that the city is the second-largest in the country, only behind New York. For this reason, distances become large from one point to another.

Because it’s an expensive city, it’s important to keep in mind how much you have available to spend on accommodation. Also, it’s good to know which Los Angeles sights you want to see.

Some travelers prefer to stay close to the Los Angeles airport, when on a business trip, for example. However, you will need to book a car service if you choose to stay there.

The neighborhoods in the famous City of Angels are completely different from each other. So, nothing better than reading the tips of those who have been in the city to select the place that best fits your profile. That way, you can plan your luxury trip and where to stay in Los Angeles.

Find out here which are the best neighborhoods to stay. Take advantage of all this information and start planning your trip!

1. Hollywood

Staying in the Los Angeles tourist area can be a great idea for those who want to stay in action. A few feet away are the city’s most famous attractions, such as the Walk of Fame, the Dolby Theater and the Chinese Theater.

In addition to the main tourist attractions in Los Angeles, there will be no shortage of entertainment options. There are restaurants, shopping malls, souvenir shops, nightlife and lots of movement on the streets.

Even if you go to Warner and Universal Studios located in another neighborhood (Burbank), you can book a luxury city tour service to take you around. The same is true for the other attractions located in the city center, in Downtown.

When choosing your accommodation, see on the map if they are located close to some main streets. Good examples are Hollywood Boulevard, Vine Street and Sunset Boulevard.

For those who want to travel during summer and enjoy the beach, however, this is not the best neighborhood for you. Hollywood is about 12 miles from the waterfront.

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2. Downtown LA

If you choose to stay Downtown, you will be impressed by the architecture. With large buildings, great restaurants and a lot of people wearing suits on the streets, this neighborhood is the city’s financial heart.

Staying there can be quite interesting if you like to see the dynamics of a cosmopolitan city like Los Angeles. You will also see a lot of movement of the local population in the surroundings.

Some of the famous attractions are in this area, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art. You can walk to them — especially considering the good weather in California — and, along the way, stop at shops, cafes and other stores.

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3. Beverly Hills

With mansions everywhere and great food, LA’s most charming neighborhood is worthy of a Hollywood movie. Besides, it has wonderful luxurious hotels.

The advantage is that those who stay in this region are likely to find someone famous on the streets. Especially on Rodeo Drive, an avenue known for its designer stores such as Channel, Gucci, Versace, among others.

Walking through this neighborhood is a great experience, especially for those who appreciate architecture, as the buildings are in the Venetian style.

The region is a bit far from the tourist spots, but – as we have said before – you can always book a luxury car service to have an even better travel experience.

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4. West Hollywood

You may be looking for something in between touristy Hollywood and glamorous Beverly Hills. If so, staying in West Hollywood is the best alternative. This is considered one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Los Angeles.

A short distance from the two most famous neighborhoods of the city, it is considered a region that appeals to everyone. It has great restaurants and bars for all tastes, as well as good hotels.

One of the most famous spots in this region is the Sunset Strip. The street is almost 2 miles long and is home to nightclubs, bars and many restaurants. This area is well known for being the home of rock’n roll, as it is here that bands like The Doors have emerged.

Important: West Hollywood is not covered by subway lines. So, the best alternative here is to book a car service.

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5. Venice Beach

This is the most popular place for those who like the beach, sports and movement for young people and surfers.

The region has many apartments for vacation rentals at prices that are very worthwhile.

There is only one small downside: Venice Beach is about 12 miles away from Hollywood and Downtown districts.

One attraction is that the neighborhood is next to Santa Monica. For the beach lovers, we suggest staying in downtown Los Angeles for a day or two and then enjoying Venice.

There are some great and famous events throughout the year: Venice Canal Holiday Boat Parade (December), Abbot Kinney Boulevard Festival (September) and Venice Beach Carnevale (June).

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6. Santa Monica

Santa Monica has the same atmosphere as Venice Beach, with good beaches and lots of outdoor sports. It’s the region with the most expensive homes in California.

With many shops, good restaurants and bars, this neighborhood is very popular.

From here it is possible to take a train to the tourist area of ​​the city, 12 miles away. That’s if you don’t book a car service to get around. It’s a great place to stay in Los Angeles.

Make sure your hotel is close to Main Street or Third Street Promenade, the city’s most famous streets. There are plenty of shops and places for any type of meal. It is also close to some of California’s top tourist spots, such as the MID – City art gallery, Palisades Park, the Museum of Flying and of course the Santa Monica Pier.

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