Where do the rich park their cars in NYC?

People like to know about rich habits! If you’re wondering: Where do the rich park their cars in NYC? Keep reading!

Most rich people have car service, like a limo transport service, for example.  This option is intelligent because you don’t have to pay for a car if you have professional chauffeurs who work for a Limo company that picks you up and takes you wherever you need to go.

Smart and busy people, usually have car services, and most traditionally wealthy people use a luxury car service. Rich people park their cars in some garages and pay a lot for parking, for this reason, is an advantage to hiring a car service.

Where do celebrities park their cars in New York?

Almost every luxury residential building in NYC has a parking garage. Most of them are public, but residents pay monthly, and the employees know who they are.

Moreover, professionals park the cars, accordingly, usually including washing and other services. On the other hand, the tips for attendants, during the holidays, are usually very high. In general, in New York City parking lots, rich people left their cars and don’t worry about the price.

Do rich people in New York have cars?

If you want to know where do the rich park their cars in NYC, keep in minf that rich people in NYC are smart, they know that keeping a luxury car service or hiring a limo is cheaper than keeping a car, paying insurance, and a parking spot.

Some rich people don’t keep a car in NYC, but just hire as needed, or perhaps keep one out in the Hamptons or upstate NY in their second or third summer homes and drive just for fun on weekends or holidays.

So, where do the rich park their cars in NYC?

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