Where do millionaires go in NYC?

Where do millionaires go in NYC? Millionaires love to spend their money in the best places in Manhattan, they like hanging out, smoking cigars, and having drinks. The lounges are preferred places where millionaires like to enjoy their glamorous life.

NYC is among the ten most expensive places to live in the world, for this reason, millionaires can afford to do some things that common people can’t. In a luxury restaurant like a Masa, for example, the price never is a problem, but there are more expensive options in NYC.

If you want to enjoy a Wagyu beef, probably will cost over $500. The place is also considered one of the best places in the city. For sure this is the one of places where millionaires spent a lot of money.

Going out for some drinks can often be something expensive in NYC. A luxury cocktail costs at least $30 but it is not a problem for millionaires. Some drinks can cost much more, like a drink created to celebrate special occasions, for example.

But sometimes, millionaires just are at their country house or place on the beach spending time unwinding with their family. To gain money usually takes a lot of time and they work hard to become rich.

So, after a busy week or a stressful month, being away from the city is actually the thing many rich people really truly look forward to. In fact, in most cases, millionaires are not that different than other people, they just want rest and peace on their weekends or prefer to relieve stress in luxurious places where there are nice people to serve.

Where do the rich people hang out in NYC?

Rich people in Manhattan love Hamptons in the summer, out on the east end of Long Island. It’s so easy to go and closer, about 3 and 4 hours by car, depending on traffic, of about fifty minutes all in by Helicopter.

In the winter, Palm Beach and Miami are good choices for rich people, depending on their individual disposition. The Bahamas is a place the millionaires also usually go.

Where do millionaires go in NYC? Feeling like a millionaire in NYC!

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