Where do Billionaires stay in New York?

Did you know that some of the world’s richest people live in famous buildings off New York’s Central Park? But the high life costs a lot of money in Manhattan. Discover now where do billionaires stay in New York.

On a 20-block stretch just off Manhattan’s Central Park, where some of the world’s richest, business scions moguls live paying millions for one of the world’s most expensive homes.

There are 4 buildings along this corridor that have homeowners whose collective rises fall into two categories: grand and cooperative apartments, we are talking about glitzy condos loaded with amenities like screening rooms, and room service.

Where is the richest part of New York?

With more wealthy people per square foot than anywhere else in New York City, TriBeCa is full of upscale hotels, historic townhouses, and trendy restaurants. For this reason, billionaires are everywhere in TriBeCa.  These are just some classic options to enjoy in the neighborhood.

TriBeCa’s list of celebrity residents includes Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Robert de Niro, Taylor Swift, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Billionaires love to live there, especially after Bloomberg named TriBeCa as the richest neighborhood in New York and the fifth richest in the country in 2022.

TriBeCa is located in an industrial area in Lower Manhattan and unlike some of New York’s more ostentatious addresses such as Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, and Madison Avenue, there is something chic about TriBeCa.

Less hectic than tourist-heavy midtown where is located Times Square, it is a mix of restored post-industrial architecture, modern high rises, and quiet cobbled streets. TriBeCa also has beautiful green areas, such as Duane Park and under-the-radar Teardrop Park, and don’t forget to visit the trendy coffee shops and expensive and famous stores.

If you’ve got money to spend, you’ll find plenty of places to burn it in New York City, particularly if you choose to live in one of its pricier districts. If you want to rub shoulders with New York’s billionaires, then get ready to lay down some serious cash for a property in one of these richest neighborhoods in NYC, where the house values are high, and you’re as unlikely to see a poor person.

Where do Billionaires stay in New York?

Check now the most luxury regions in NYC:

  • West Village;
  • Greenwich Village;
  • Cobble Hill;
  • Upper East Side;
  • North Sutton Area;
  • Financial District;
  • Battery Park;
  • Carnegie Hill;
  • Fresh Kills;

Boasting a scenic view over the Hudson River or a magnificent cityscape, these New York City places attract only the very wealthy, as evidenced by the median household income of a whopping $250,001.

How do billionaires travel around NYC?

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