What is the most luxury place in the world?

If you like luxury travel, you probably already wonder about what is the most luxury place in the world. A two-story suite deluxe hotel overlooking the sea, sounds luxurious to you? Has marble floors, a marble bath, a canopied bed, a dining room, a theater, and a lift between floors, this suite is located in Burj Al Arab Hotel, in Dubai and it is called Royal Suite.

Thinking of a single destination or luxury hotel is a difficult task, Dubai is certainly on the list of the most expensive and luxurious destinations in the world, frequented by billionaires and celebrities who flaunt their jewelry and their luxury cars on the streets.

The Burj Al Arab often been considered as the world’s first “seven-star hotel” or “the most luxurious place in the world” since opened. Built on an artificial island off the coast of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is a hotel that offers a range of unique first-class amenities. The hotel offers travelers six high-end restaurants, a rooftop helipad, a Rolls Royce shuttle service from the airport, and walls decked in gold, the goal to satisfy even the most travel-worn guests.

So, what is the most luxury place in the world?

The place is a symbol of Dubai’s world-famous and is highly sought after by people with high purchasing power. It represents Dubai’s economic opulence. It was built to be similar to the sail of a dhow. The architecture is composed of two “wings” arranged in a V-shape such as a “mast,” and the atrium is 590 feet (180 m) tall. Standing at 321 m, it is the third tallest hotel in the world and one of the most expensive, costing an estimated 7.8bn dollars.

The building is incredible and unique, imagine an artificial island being built low enough, to give the impression that the building was floating on the sea. To avoid the risk of flooding, concrete blocks were built to act as a giant artificial ‘sponge’ and reduce the wave impact. The Burj al-Arab offers a dining area cantilevered and rooftop tennis courts. The exterior of the tower is modern, and the interior is traditional styles. The design of the hotel is unique and if all of that isn’t enough luxury, you can program a luxury ride around the city by hiring a limo transport service. This is our specialty to bring the high level of luxury to our clients.

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