What is the drive from Miami to Orlando like?

What is the drive from Miami to Orlando like? We have the answer, if you’re driving, the drive between Orlando and Miami only takes around three hours. So, if you have a vehicle or are renting one for their Florida vacation, be prepared to drive for long three hours.

It’s not a difficult drive to make, but if you are on a vacation, you probably want to enjoy it a lot, right? So, consider hiring a limo service to become your trip more special as possible.

It’s a nice drive, and you can make most of it along the coast, your professional chauffeur can take you to visit some cool places on the way. In fact, you could make an entire day trip by limo from Miami to Orlando. A perfect start for a local Disney vacation, doesn’t it?

You don’t worry about anything, just let your chauffer to solve all for you and your family, so, let’s hit the road and see what we’ve got.

So, What is the drive from Miami to Orlando like?

Depending on where you’re coming from, driving in Florida can be all sorts of challenges. If you feel comfortable driving from Miami to Orlando, then you have some different ways to travel between these two cities. The easy direct route is to take Florida’s Turnpike, which is a 300-mile road that stretches from Miami Gardens through Orlando toward Ocala.

Usually, it takes about 3-hours and over 230 miles to get from Miami to Orlando on this route. Just bear in mind Florida’s Turnpike is a toll road, so you will have to pay for this convenience.

But you also could follow 95-N till you reach north of Cocoa Beach and then get on FL State Road 528 West towards Orlando. Depending on traffic, this less direct route could take you about 4 hours, but you will save on tolls and pass many cool coastline places.

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