What is the difference between a Stretch and a Limousine?

If you are wondering what is the difference between a stretch and a limousine, we tell you the only difference between a limousine and a stretch limousine is the size of the car. If a professional chauffeur is driving a luxury car, then the car can be considered a limousine, whether it is a sedan or a stretch limo.

As you know, a limousine is a luxury car that is chauffeured, is really a nice car that has extra amenities, such as leather seating, a special sound, and VIP bottle service. The limousine can be a sedan, a town car, a hybrid, a mini-SUV, an SUV, a flex-fuel, or a stretch limousine. Even party buses and vans can count as limousines if they are provided by a limo service and come equipped with a professional chauffeur.

The difference between a limousine and a stretch limo is basically the length of the car. A stretch limo is simply a sedan, for example, that is cut in half, extended, and welded back again. So, a sedan is a limousine that becomes a stretch limousine. Both a regular limousine and a stretch limousine can be called a limo.

We invite you to visit the Mundi Limos website and choose the best vehicle of our fleet to attend your demand,  you can ask for a sedan, SUV, stretch limo, or party bus. You can also tell us how many passengers you need, and we can help you choose the type of limo you desire.

The first step is to make sure about how many passengers you will take with you, and then decide what type of limo you want and how to make your reservation. The efficiency and comfort that luxury transport can offer are essential for the success of any travel.

What is the point of a Stretch Limo?

A regular stretch limo is about 10 meters long, with a 3-meters-long stretch.  The Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model has 5 doors for easier entering and exiting the limo.

Stretch limos usually can accommodate up to six people comfortably, but there are some types of stretch limos today that classify as the six-pack, the eight-pack, and the ten-pack. However, it doesn’t mean that they accommodate that many people comfortably, but rather one or two passengers less.

Stretch limos are therefore perfect for the transportation of a group of friends, a family, or several business associates. They come in various colors and models, and they are used for a variety of occasions.

From amenities, they are equipped with TV screens, tinted windows, a stereo system, fiber optic lighting, a full beverage refrigerator, and even hot tubs. Stretch limousines tend to be romantic, which is why they are mostly used for weddings. They are considered elegant and stylish and are associated with high-class events.

Stretch limousine is also excellent as a backdrop for photographs. If you want classy, elegant, and charming photos to keep memories on your wedding day or a prom night, stretch limos are the perfect background.

So, what is the difference between a Stretch and a Limousine?

To summarize, we stated that they differ in the following characteristics: the size and number of passengers, amenities, and purpose. The Stretch limos can provide you with amenities that a regular car cannot., its length gives you lots of space for different purposes.

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