What do the different types of Uber cars mean?

This post was created to help you understand what the different types of Uber cars mean. Keep reading and understand what Uber offers for clients. Discover more details about UberX, Uber Comfort, and Uber Select. What do the different types of Uber cars mean, you might wonder?

There is not much difference between types, UberX is the more basic level of service that Uber offers. Uber offers a variety of car options. They range from cheaper, economy rides to pricier luxury cars. These levels of service have various names, such as Uber Pool, UberX, Uber Comfort, and Uber Black, for example.

Some Uber options are destinated for rides that will be shared, this service is called Uber Pool, while others indicate accessibility for wheelchairs like WAV. So, Uber has four basic levels of service: Economy, Premium, Accessibility, and Carpool. We recommend you understand these options before signing the app, it will make your ride choices a lot easier.

So, what do the different types of Uber cars mean?

Check now the Uber categories and what they mean:

  • Economy: This option includes UberX and Uber Comfort, you can get a ride for up to six people;
  • Premium: This option includes Uber Black and Uber Comfort Uber’s higher-end luxury ridesharing options, which means the driver will pick you up in a luxury car;
  • Accessibility: This option includes Uber WAV, and UberX + Car Seat, with wheelchairs and destinated for families who need car seats for child riders;
  • Carpool: This option includes Uber Pool rides are shared rides with other people who are headed in the same direction. This is the cheapest, but the slowest option;

The disadvantage of Carpool is you will have to wait while the driver picks up and drops off other passengers on the way to your destination. It is also not always available when you might need it. Check the app and see what services are qualified for in your city.

Each metropolitan area covers offers its own Uber services, the most commonly used Uber services are:

  • UberX;
  • Uber Pool;
  • Uber Comfort;
  • Uber Black;
  • Uber Black;
  • Uber Select;
  • Uber Green;
  • Uber Premier and Premier SUV;

To select the Uber service you want to use, choose your destination, and then check the options that will appear at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through the ride types to see the services available in your area. You also can change your ride type by tapping the name of a service and clicking on “Confirm”. Don’t forget to read the service description to understand if it is suitable for what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that not all services above are available in every city. Some cities only offer UberX, while larger cities like Los Angeles offer dozens of different services.

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