West Palm Beach sightseeing

Top-rated attractions in South Florida

South Florida is home to some of the best sun-kissed gateways and pristine beaches. It holds some of the fastest-growing areas in the States.  Thousands of people come for a visit and enjoy its malls, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, and countless entertainment alternatives. For those who are excited, kick your feet up and enjoy the reading. We prepared a list of some of the top-rated sightseeing spots and things to do in West Palm Beach, Florida.

To start with, it’s a must say that the O-City is home to a breathtaking waterfront, bustling entertainment neighborhood. Although everyone thinks it’s made of just palm trees and beaches, it’s a lot more than that. Its sunny skies, perfect weather, and exciting outdoor with its numerous cultural attractions make West Palm Beach a vibrant destination for visitors. In case you haven’t been around yet, we assure you it’s worth a visit.


What should I do in West Palm Beach?

The downtown area of the city is home to beautiful streets and buildings. Numerous different attractions like gorgeous restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs likewise entertain its visitors. it all matches the local historic scenario and landmarks, making it the ideal destination for sightseeing and having fun.  From the very first moment you get around, it won’t take too long to realize that there won’t be time enough to do all you will be feeling like doing.

For saving time you should plan your sightseeing around based on a list of some of the top. Thus, we have compiled a good list of venues and things to do while here. Check it out:


1. Rosemary Square

It’s a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment area. the City Place as it is usually called offers a beautiful Mediterranean old-world ambiance. Once its visitors step in, they can visit clothing, jewelry, gift shops, and some of the finest restaurants catering an international cuisine.  


2. Ritzy Worth Avenue

Visitors cannot miss enjoying a stroll along with it on Worth Avenue.  Here you’ll find some of the most fashionable clothing, jewelry and accessories shopping. It’s home to incredible upscale stores and boutiques spread along this charming street adorned by stunning gardens and sculptures. 


3. The Breakers Palm Beach  

It’s an iconic destination located on Palm Beach’s Atlantic Coast. It’s a140-acre property, which delights anyone visiting it. No matter what we tell you about it, you’ll really feel it once you stay in. Its sunny skies and splashing pools will provide an unforgettable traveling experience.  


4. Cox Science Center and Aquarium

It’s a science center, which offers a hands-on and minds-on experience to you and your whole family. It features over 50 educational exhibits. It’s located at 4801, Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach. It’s South Florida’s largest fresh and saltwater aquarium. In addition, there is a digital planetarium and a brand-new mini-golf course.  


How to get around West Palm Beach

The best way to get around West Palm Beach is by car. A car is a must to enjoy the O-City to the fullest. However, it can be a bit worrisome and may take you a while till you find yourself around. So, consider renting a vehicle. Mundi Limos has a qualified team, trained to receive visitors and executives at any pick-up location. If you want to enjoy your trip with luxury and learn more details about the main sights in the city, book our premium chauffeured service.

We know it’s irresistible to do some shopping and travel around Florida. So, happy shopping and a nice trip with lots of sun and sea.


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