Valuable tips for a successful international business trip

international business trip

Corporate travel is part of many companies’ strategies. The benefits are numerous, as is the need for proper planning. Efficient management of all items that involve the displacement of an employee is essential to avoid inconvenience. Especially when we talk about an international business trip.

Going abroad is even more advantageous, as it increases the brand’s visibility. In addition to expanding the range of contacts, expanding business possibilities and raising the company in foreign markets. However, it is necessary to reinforce the attention and care for the employee on trips outside the country.

Starting with planning. Depending on the country of destination, there are specific requirements for the entry of foreigners, such as vaccines, insurance and other items. Thus, we created a checklist, with the points that should be prioritized when planning a trip abroad.

In this way, the employee avoids inconvenience and can travel to the destination country without any unforeseen circumstances.

Visa requirement

Pay attention, as some countries require a mandatory visa for foreigners, others do not. However, it is known that even in destinations that do not have this requirement, having a visa in hand helps to pass immigration.

To help obtain this information, the Department of State — Bureau of Consular Affairs website helps the traveler to know which countries require an entry visa and other international travel information.

There are still cases where, even though it is just a connection or stopover, a visa is required. In some countries, passengers without a visa are not allowed to board. Check your connections in the travel itinerary.

Passport and documents

Pay attention to the expiration date of the passport at the time of travel. Many countries determine a minimum validity period for the foreigner to enter the territory.

In addition to the passport, the traveler must also be in possession of other documents during the travel period. It is not uncommon for immigration to ask the tourist to inform the address at which they will stay during their trip in the country and the return ticket.

In case of loss of passport, it is necessary to register a police report and go to the nearest embassy to request a replacement document.

Necessary vaccines

Entry into certain countries is conditional on vaccinations as well as connections. The yellow fever vaccine, for example, is required by 135 countries. Check the list of countries that require the vaccine.

Insurance requirement

In some countries there is still a requirement for travel insurance, including health insurance. This is the case in the 26 countries that are part of the Schengen Treaty, including Germany, Spain and France. The treaty requires that the visitor’s health insurance has a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros. The intention is that any unforeseen event is covered by the traveler himself.

Extra tips to minimize the jet lag effects

An event in China, a trip to Australia, a conference in the Netherlands. Going on an international business trip is making sure you face jet lag – the number one enemy of many travelers.

Often described as a travel hangover, jet lag is the result of a sudden change in time zones. Destinations such as Asia, Europe, Oceania and even South America are a challenge to the traveller’s biological clock.

A long trip crosses several time zones, breaking the natural cycle of day and night. Although the traveler is comfortably seated in his chair, the body feels this change as soon as it lands at the final destination.

The medical term for jet lag is defined as travel fatigue. A temporary sleep disorder that manifests when the biological clock is out of sync with the new time zone.

Symptoms vary according to the person, but the most common are tiredness, sleep during the day, insomnia at night, irritability, headache, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, among others.

Even though it is the body’s natural response to the changing environment, there are ways to speed up the body’s process of adapting to the new time zone. Check out some tips to minimize the effects of jet lag.

Try to arrive early

In the case of an international business trip, where there is a schedule of appointments to be fulfilled, it is recommended to arrive at the destination 2 days in advance. Thus, travelers will feel more willing to carry out their tasks.

Start adapting before arriving

Enter the destination time zone before starting the journey. Gradually change your schedule according to the destination’s time. That is to say, changing mealtimes and sleeping times. Now board with your watch according to the final stop.

Hydrate and control mealtime

Jet lag can get worse if you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water on the plane and at the destination. Alcohol dehydrates, juices and fruits help. If necessary, delay your meals, but go without eating just long enough to eat your meals at local time.

In this way, your body adapts to the new times through your stomach. Important: do not go without food for a long time.

Sleep on the plane, but not when you arrive at your destination

If the trip is during the night, take the opportunity to sleep on the plane. This makes adaptation easier and travel faster. Try to sleep as much as you can to get well rested. But be careful: don’t sleep once you reach your destination.

Even though the flight was tiring. If you arrive in the morning or afternoon, leave your bags at the hotel, take a shower, and start your activities around the region. It is important that you sleep on local time only. If you arrive at your destination at night, try to sleep later.

Control light exposure

Exposure to light is a clear way to educate your body while traveling. But it depends on your destination. If traveling to Europe, where the time zone is further ahead, wake up earlier than usual and expose yourself to sunlight. Take this time to exercise, it’s a good way to get used to your biological clock.

But if the trip is to a country where the time zone is delayed, try to rest in the late afternoon light, so that your body understands that it is still day.

Now you know some basics to organize your company’s international business trip. And remember that Mundi specializes in corporate tranfers worldwide.

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