Have the best vacation in South Beach Miami

vacation in south beach miami

Check out some great places to visit when spending your vacation in South Beach Miami, the city’s hottest region. There are beaches, hotels, clubs, bars, boutiques, art galleries and restaurants, as well as many buildings and constructions in the Art Deco style. It is also there that Ocean Drive, one of the main avenues in the city, is located. Discover 10 highlights of South Beach in Miami.

Amazing Beaches

Some of Miami’s best beaches are on South Beach. Most of them are busy and very crowded, and as you walk along the boardwalk you will find several of them, all full of children and families, young people, couples, some city dwellers, and many tourists. The most famous are bustling Nikki Beach, which has a beach club that has several beachside parties throughout the day and night, and South Beach Park Pointe, which is much quieter and more relaxed.

Collins Avenue

Collins Avenue is a slightly less crowded part of South Beach. It is also called the Shopping District, because it is an area with only branded stores from around the world (most of them more expensive). Even though it’s a region where you might not go shopping so much, it’s worth visiting. It’s quite beautiful, and a good place to admire the Art Deco architecture of the neighborhood.

Lincoln Road

Similar to Fifth Avenue in New York, Lincoln Road is a must-see for anyone traveling to South Beach in Miami. It’s not the ideal shopping destination because it tends to have higher prices, but it’s still worth the trip. The seven blocks of the avenue had traffic closed to cars in 2006, making the place an even more attractive and safe shopping and walking center for pedestrians, who can enjoy freely without worrying about cars or motorcycles.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is the most famous avenue in the city and the main one in South Beach. It is an avenue illuminated by colored lights, which has the main bars and clubs in Miami, as well as the famous tattoo studio Miami Ink Tattoo, hotels, luminous signs and some stores. Spend at least one night there, to eat at one of the sidewalk restaurants and have a personalized drink. You can visit it during the day, which is the emptiest period, or at night – in this case, get to bars and restaurants early, especially if you travel in high season.

South Beach Miami Nightclubs

South Beach’s nightclubs are among the best in the city. There are clubs for all profiles, and they usually open shortly before midnight – and they are packed, so it’s worth arriving at opening time. Most of the clubs in this area are concentrated between Collins and Washington avenues, between 5th and 6th streets.

Old City Hall

This building is a 1920s landmark in South Beach. It is beige, belongs to the Mediterranean Renaissance and is home to a famous cinema in the region. Its red roof can be seen from afar.

The Villa by Barton G

This is another really cool building in South Beach, which houses a luxury hotel and a restaurant by chef Barton G. The building is from the Mediterranean Renaissance and was once the residence of Gianni Versace.

Lummus Park Beach

Miami’s Lummus Park is also located on Ocean Drive, South Beach’s main avenue. It is a part of the avenue where a beautiful park full of trees, coconut trees and lots of green, joins the white sands of Miami Beach. Lummus Park beach is considered one of the best beaches in Miami to spend the day and relax.

The park’s large trees give you a refreshing break and make sure you don’t have to be exposed to the strong Florida sun all the time. Lummus Park is located between the 6th and 14th streets on Ocean Drive.

South Beach Miami Lifeguard Cabins

The South Beach beach lifeguard huts in Miami are iconic and popular places for photography. A hurricane destroyed the old cabins in 1992, and they were rebuilt by various artists who made them very beautiful, colorful and interesting. The coolest ones are between the 10th and 16th streets.

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