Take a trip to Las Vegas in December

trip to las vegas in december

Learn all about Las Vegas in December. See how to enjoy this month, what to do and what attractions will be happening there. Taking a trip to Las Vegas in December is very pleasant to spend the end of the year, as there are several typical attractions for Christmas and New Year. We recommend that you pay attention to some tips about the weather, the movement of tourists, accommodation, among other details.

Weather conditions in December in Las Vegas

In December, temperatures drop a lot and there’s some chance of snow. Even so, during the day it is usually sunny, which gives a relief and is an incentive for tourists to walk outdoors.

At night it tends to be quite windy and the temperature drops, so pack your suitcase and bring thermal clothes, thick coats, boots, scarves, hats and gloves.

Tourist movement and accommodation

December is considered one of the busiest months of the year in Las Vegas as it is a vacation time and everyone can travel. The Christmas and New Year’s Eve weeks are the busiest, but the lower temperatures keep some people away.

Plan your trip in advance, as the sooner you buy your attractions, book your hotel, rent a car service and other things, the less you will pay and you will save a lot.

Shopping in December in Las Vegas

December is one of the best times to shop in Las Vegas. In the weeks before and after Christmas, several stores offer lots of discounts. In addition, there are several winter sales in December, especially on the days after Christmas, when stores in Las Vegas malls and outlets promote discounts of up to 80% for unsold products.

So, if you plan to take a trip to Las Vegas in December, take advantage of the promotions there.

Shows and Concerts in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is very famous for its acrobatics, dance, musicals and more. Shows always take place in the best hotels in town, so you can get to know them the day you go to the show.

The complexes still have restaurants, stores, shopping centers. Plan your trip, see what events will take place this month in the city and buy tickets for the shows in advance, as they tend to be well attended.

Christmas in Las Vegas

Spending Christmas in Las Vegas is a very different way to experience this time of year. You can dine at some of the best restaurants and buffets in town, which always offer special menus for the season. The city also has special shows with Christmas music, special decoration and an ice rink for skating in hotels, which are set up this month only. No doubt you’ll find plenty to do in this magical time in Las Vegas.

New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the fourth most popular destination in the world to spend New Year’s Eve and the number of parties, artists and attractions there in the end of the year is impressive. Las Vegas parties rock on January 31, several hotels have fireworks shows, and the city is very busy. Without a doubt, it is the ideal time for those who like movement, because it is very rare to find peace on New Years in Las Vegas.

So, buy tickets for the best attractions that will be happening during this time in advance and enjoy the New Year in Las Vegas. For sure, it will be an unforgettable trip, full of adventure.

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