Top trends of the new business traveler

business traveler

The world is constantly evolving and companies are always inventing – or perhaps reinventing – ways and means to make life easier for everyone. In the business world, as it could not be different, evolution has shown itself to be increasingly dynamic, and the challenge for the business traveler is: how to keep up with these trends?

To help, we have separated trends that have been redefining the profile of professionals who travels for business.

Technology as a necessity

Today’s travelers need to stay up to date on emails, be on time for meetings, and have fun when the day is done – and technology such as the latest smartphones and tablets are a must. In addition, they also have apps for recommendations, guidelines, expenses, among others.

Social networks

Exchanging business cards has become a formality as LinkedIn and smartphones have made connecting easier. Of course, face-to-face interactions are still the most effective way to impress, but a surprising amount of networking can be seen on electronic channels.

Bleisure explosion

A business traveler fits local experiences between work hours and even add a few days to the start or end of a trip to turn business into pleasure. This is a trend you need to start taking into account. Ask the hotel reception staff for a recommendation to make the most of your visit.

Shared offices

Collaboration spaces and private meeting rooms can now be found in every major city. It’s a way to meet like-minded people and fuel creativity.

Enough of the invoice notebook

Electronic expense reporting apps are making the entire corporate business travel process much easier. Just take a picture of your receipt and file it right away.

Brand loyalty is paying off

Hotel loyalty programs are making business travel look like an investment strategy. Points can be earned for company-funded travel, which can be redeemed later for leisure travel.

Home on the road

Access to free wi-fi makes it possible to stream at least four or five episodes of your favorite show a night, just like you would at home. You can also work on business plans or have meetings while traveling to your destination.

One of the biggest advantages of booking a luxury car service for corporate appointments is that clients get the convenience and agility they need to get to their destinations on time in addition to comfort and sophistication. Besides offering w-fi and a comfortable space for work, our modern vehicles undergo careful evaluations and are ready to take you anywhere.

They need to provide customers with the highest level of security, in addition to good performance, power, and sophistication with technological items.

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