Travel from Miami to Tampa

Travel from Miami to Tampa

Tampa is located on Florida’s west coast. You’ll find everything to have an amazing vacation: theme parks, beaches, museums, bars, clubs, and many more. If you are thinking about traveling from Miami to Tampa, we have some tips for you!

You have probably heard about the famous Busch Gardens Park. But if you’re not into heights, you can explore local history at the Tampa Museum of Art. Or you can enjoy a night out dancing at The Honey Pot nightclub, known for being a meeting place for tourists.

Tampa is the kind of city where you can find attractions for all ages and occasions. Even if your trip is for business, you can make the most of local tourism. The points of interest are close to each other, whether on the coast or downtown.

The beautiful city of Tampa is a haven for tourists and offers unique attractions and paradisiacal landscapes — all the ingredients for an unforgettable trip.

In the midst of so many attractions, it is impossible not to be in doubt about how to create the ideal travel itinerary so that nothing is left out. If you are planning a trip from Miami to Tampa, it is recommended to get as much information as possible to enjoy each moment.

What to see in Tampa

Defining an itinerary in a destination full of attractions is a pleasurable task, but at the same time difficult. That’s why we created this guide to help, with important information and tips about the main tourist attractions for you to make the trip of your dreams!

Located 280 miles from Miami, Tampa has approximately 350,000 inhabitants and can be considered the commercial and business center of the Gulf of Florida.

It is a city of tourist reference, which receives great investment in the sector, being recognized worldwide for hosting several attractions and being the starting point of famous cruises.

The climate in the state is tropical with a subtropical influence, which can be considered a pleasant climate most of the year. The hottest season is between May and October with the possibility of storms. Because of this, many tourists avoid visiting during this period.

The warm seasons in Florida are from March to September.

Many tourists prefer to visit Tampa in the off-season (October-March), which is when temperatures are pleasant and days are sunny.

Influenced by the Latin culture and many others, Tampa’s cuisine is an attraction in itself. The city has numerous restaurants of various specialties that are certainly worth visiting.

When traveling from Miami to Tampa you will find a very popular city for those who enjoy adrenaline, sun and a cozy atmosphere. A wonderful, modern city full of water parks and unique attractions, plus a paradise coast.

What to do in Tampa

1. Florida Aquarium Tampa

The Tampa Aquarium has more than twenty thousand species, in addition to thousands of aquatic plants from native flora and also from different parts of the world. At the site, divers can go on a guided dive with sharks. This aquarium has existed for a little over twenty years, but it is already considered the largest in the world.

2. Busch Gardens Tampa Park

This is one of the largest amusement parks in the country, as well as being one of the oldest, opening in 1959. It has four roller coasters, one of which is the largest in the world. In addition to various toys, there are spaces for contact with animals, such as Bird Gardens and Edge Of Africa. There is also a children’s show that ends up delighting adults too, the Madagascar Free Operation Vacation, which features characters from the animation Madagascar.

3. Lowry Park Zoo Tampa

This zoo has an area of ​​over 26,000 square feet. The area extension is justified. In addition to being a zoo, the place is also a space for preserving the local fauna and flora. There are also some fun activities that teach children about animal life.

4. Museum of Science & Industry

This museum offers four hundred and fifty attractions, plus an IMAX movie theater. There are spaces for interactivity with visitors. They are divided by age so that even children have guaranteed knowledge on the spot.

5. Chihuly Collection

The Chihuly Collection is a different art gallery, as it features installations and works exclusively by artist Dale Chihuly. There are mosaics, ceiling prints, and much more.

Wonderful Tampa Bay Beaches

Tampa Bay is known for its idyllic beaches and cultural attractions, as well as seafood restaurants and great nightlife in the neighborhoods around the beaches.

The coast is an unmissable attraction and has several beaches that are among the most beautiful in America, with an excellent structure to relax and enjoy. It is an option that should not be missing from your travel itinerary.

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