Travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

los angeles to las vegas


Have you always wanted to feel in a TV series and leave Los Angeles to experience Las Vegas adventures? Traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is a great way to go beyond both cities and experience many attractions along the way.

Both Los Angeles and Las Vegas are cities full of activities and attractions, but the route between them is also filled with great stops.

In this post you will see how to make this itinerary and what are the best attractions for a real road trip.


Distance of a trip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Despite being in different states, Los Angeles is in California and Las Vegas is in Nevada, the two cities are relatively close. The distance between both cities is about 250 miles and the trip can be done in up to 4 hours.

But when you finish reading the post, you’ll see that it’s better to increase that account in a few hours, after all, it’s not every day that you can cross the Mojave Desert, pass Route 66 and meet ghost towns.


The best attractions to see on a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.


Santa Monica Pier

This attraction isn’t exactly between the two cities, but it’s a great starting point. Nothing better than starting your journey towards the desert by the sea.

Better yet, on the pier you’ll find the Route 66 end marker and an amusement park that looks like something out of an old movie. The Santa Monica Pier is one of the most iconic places in California, and no wonder.


California Route 66 Museum

Located in the city of Victorville, the California Route 66 Museum is entirely dedicated to the famous Route 66. The museum has a collection of objects that tell the road story, and staff (all volunteers) are on hand to answer any questions.

You have no idea the pride of those who are still involved in Route 66 in some way, so we recommend that you talk to people and hear a few stories along the way.


Calico Ghost Town

The Calico Ghost Town is one of the most famous stops on the journey. The city isn’t all that ghostly and much of the structure has been restored and recreated to attract visitors, but it’s still a worthwhile sight-seeing.

As an important mining center in the region, the site is full of history, as well as offering a breathtaking landscape as it is located on a small mountain overlooking the entire desert.


Baghdad Coffee

A cafe literally in the middle of nowhere, but is a must stop for every Route 66 and 20th century American folklore enthusiast. Another Route 66 landmark that you can discover on this short trip. Don’t miss it.


Mojave National Preserve

Visiting a native reservation in the middle of the Mojave Desert already seems incredible, but here you can also visit dunes, canyons and trails.

Start your visit at the Kelso Depot visitor center and head to the dunes, where you’ll have a breathtaking view of the desert, or ask the staff for recommendations as they can help you choose the best options for that day, according to the time you have available.


Book a luxury car service

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