Top luxurious Honeymoons

Honeymoon planning

Honeymoons are merely an afterthought to some couples. Although, It’s a very remarkable experience which deserves to be placed at the top priority. There is a large range of hotels and destinations to please and delight the most demanding kinds of couples.

Once the wedding date is set, it’s time to start planning the honeymoon carefully. Remember, as soon as the wedding party is over, couples are looking forward to enjoying their newlywed status on a glamourous honeymoon. To help the lovebirds to find their ideal postnuptial getaway we scoured some of the best destinations and luxury transportation alternatives for the honeymoon.


Northern California

The cliff-lined sandy beaches, stunning redwood trees,  and abundant mountain chain make an ideal venue for a honeymoon.  The Misty and charming Mendocino cannot be more romantic and photogenic. It’s a destination where staying at a bed-and-breakfast, surrounded by the seaside view is a must.

Moreover, there are many other destinations for the newlyweds all along the year.  San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, are some of the brightest and most romantic places from the West Coast of the United States of America.


Amalfi Coast, Italy

From June through September, the Amalfi Coast gets very crowded with lots of tourists. Depending on the level of stay you’re seeking, you’ll have to pay a bit more.  However, the breathtaking little villages, secluded beaches along the Mediterranean make it the most glamourous destination for spending the honeymoon.

This is a good choice for newcomers and refined travelers alike. Thousands of couples enjoy its fine cuisine, eating their way through gorgeous little towns like Ravello, Positano, and the island of Capri.


Kohala Coast, Big Island, Hawaii

The honeymoon in the Big Island, Hawaii is exclusive and reserved.  It’s a synonym for Honeymoon. In case you want to get away for a few days on a weeklong honeymoon to celebrate your new wedding, you cannot miss it for the world.  Hawaii is on top of the list of best destinations for couples looking for having some romantic moments.

The romantic mainstays like Oahu and Mauri are certainly great options. Its warm weather, fresh and calm breezes, the tropical stunning beaches are reasons enough to make anyone’s mind about coming for spending a good time over there.


Luxury transportation services

Hiring the best quality service for your honeymoon, placing special attention on the transportation service is paramount. So, once you decide where to spend your honeymoon be sure you choose the best around in terms of transportation service.  A reliable chauffeured transportation service will assure you to have some of the most memorable and reserved moments aboard a luxury limousine

Therefore, when it comes to luxury transportation service for your Honeymoon let us spoil you. Mundi Limos is a worldwide renowned company of luxury transportation services.  Our team of highly skilled chauffeurs is always ready to please our clients every time.



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