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The corporate travel market has expanded a lot in recent years and, with that, many changes and new trends have emerged. Chances are that the volume of business trips will grow more and more every day, as companies are optimistic and the economy is getting better, even if at a slow pace.

However, in order to remain competitive, organizations need to keep up with technology and the changing profile of travelers. With increasingly demanding customers, it is necessary to offer what they are looking for, and they will certainly seek new experiences and solutions that will better serve them.

Corporate travel has undergone significant changes over the years and, therefore, has been gaining more and more space. Check out the main ones below!

New technologies

In the case of business trips, several tools and software have emerged capable of analyzing the employees’ preferences.

Every day there is a new way to recommend services and share travelers’ experiences. All of this increases the company’s work to find the ideal conditions for its professionals to be able to travel happily and close deals.

As technology is part of the daily life of both the company that organizes the trip and the employees who travel, it is difficult to go back. This is one of the main changes in this segment. Because whoever wants to do good management needs to accept and adapt to this new reality.

Changing travelers’ profile

This new generation is taking a considerable share of the corporate travel market. Therefore, it is important that companies pay attention, understand the real needs and behavior of these professionals. Find out what their preferences are and what they expect from a business trip. Thus, it will be possible to offer the services and information they need.

One of the most striking features of this audience is that they are born immersed in technology. So, what to do to attract and retain the best talents of this generation? It is essential that the company remains updated, seeking more digital and more personalized experiences.

Agility and efficient decision-making

In these modern times and the speed at which information is exchanged today, everyone runs away from bureaucracies and long processes. As a result, there is a need for agility and, consequently, for efficient and timely decision-making.

Simplifying and, if possible, automating processes. This is a major transformation for the corporate travel market and is being increasingly adopted by companies. It makes management much easier, contributes to traveler satisfaction, optimizes employees’ time and reduces costs. Thus, the company manages to combine experiences and increasingly improve the services offered on trips.

With so many updates and advances, market trends change year by year.

Decision making based on data

Decision-making is very important and, therefore, needs to be well based on real company data. After all, it influences several factors, such as the costs generated and the satisfaction of employees who travel on business.

Therefore, making decisions based on data is another strong trend for the sector.


With changing habits, network relationships and the increasing use of cell phones and smartphones, companies in the business travel sector need to invest in solutions that offer mobility to travelers. This factor is also another strong trend for this market.

Among these solutions, we can mention the agility in the processes – whether in a reservation, transportation service or purchase -, the quick approval from a manager and the greater control of expenses. In that sense, a corporate car service is very useful. Mundi’s corporate transfer service, for example, has been gaining more and more space among employees who travel on business due to its quality, punctuality, comfort and privacy.

Cloud storage

Another strong trend for the sector is cloud storage. It makes data more secure and allows for greater integration of business data. Thus, expenses can be computed, reports are generated quickly and efficiently, reimbursement processes are simplified and the company has access to all this information in real-time, from anywhere.

As seen, the corporate travel market tends to grow progressively. Therefore, staying on top of new requirements and following trends is essential to promote successful trips. Companies need to get closer and closer to the employee’s profile, understanding their real needs and customizing the options according to their habits and preferences.

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