5 hot destinations of the elite in the USA

Napa Valley Winery Scenery

For many of us, a short getaway sounds like having a cold sluggish beer, spending time fishing at a nearby river or lake. Overall, to the other half that just doesn’t stick.  Living life to the full means surrounding themselves with fancy cars, yachts, expensive wine or champagne, watches, and private Jets. Thus, if you see yourself here, this article fits you. It intends to bring the five top deep pockets destinations in the United States.

Napa Valley, CA

If you like wine, visiting Napa Valley is sine-qua-non. This place resembles the best France can offer. It attracts many rich oenophiles from many different countries every year. It’s traditionally known for hundreds of hillside vineyards. It’s home to more than 400 wineries dot the fertile soil of Napa Valley, in the north of San Francisco, California.

There are several different ways of exploring the Valley such as the train that takes tourists on a 36-mile round trip to discover St. Helena and back, stopping at every winery along the way.  The train is a gourmet restaurant that serves the finest cuisine. A luxurious vintage setting delights the visitors. It’s an exclusive insider winery tour, which offers the best fresh local produce. Its small constantly moving kitchens serve their seasonal savory menus.

West Palm Beach, FL

Not to be confused with the ordinary old Palm Beach, mind you. Some remarkable names like Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, and Mark Zuckerberg have already spent some time around.  It must be good for you too if it is good enough for them.  Plenty of moneyed people call West Palm Beach their second home. Its main street looks a lot like Rodeo Drive. Shopping and eating out there can be far pricey. However, its white beautiful beaches with its endless summer atmosphere make it an ideal destination for an escape from the Miami Scene.

Aspen, CO

It’s one of the most spectacular winter resort towns. This is when the mountains get the best setting for skiing, hiking, and horseback tours. Furthermore, it’s a breathtaking outdoor, which makest enthusiasts head in the summer. Aspen, commonly called “Billionaire Mountain”, amuses tourists once they step in for its crisp weather. It is the wealthy destination where the Bezos and Dell families own their sprawling mansions and America’s most shockingly expensive ski town.

Along with the snow-capped mountains and the picturesque setting of the town don’t draw skiers only, but also a bunch of stylistic fashion people, rich and famous. Its reputation of being the west’s luxury oasis makes shopping and eating out a lifetime experience. Many popular sophisticated brands like Gucci, Prada, and Ralph Lauren have their own stores in the town.  All year round they come up with the most eye-catching outfits.

 Nantucket, MA

It is an island about 30 miles (50km) off the coast south of Cape Cod by ferry, in the state of Massachusetts. It is a paradise, with its sprawling beautiful beaches. Its postcards always bring the lighthouses imprinted on them. In Nantucket, life runs at a slower pace. The island does not demand cars; it is too charming for having cars. The usual means of transportation here are ferry and bike riding with a little bell and basket.

Moreover, there are many alluring expensive things at the island for its wealthy visitors to do like the oceanfront hotels, stunning historical beach houses, and its exclusive golf clubs with caddy camps, and boutiques.

 The Hamptons, NY

It is a group of towns, villages, and hamlets concentrated on the east end of Long Island in New York State. The place is famous for being the gateway for New Yorkers. The seashore region is commonly linked to celebrity sightings. Many of the moneyed and famous normally spend their summers around. Long stretches of beach and the countryside of farmland make Hampton so special.  West Hampton is home to several high-end restaurants, bars, pubs, and pricey boutiques.

The region is also very famous in the summer, which is its high season, but the truth is that The Hamptons have become a year-round destination for New Yorkers fleeing from the hustle and bustle of the city. Housing prices in Hamptons are among the highest. Private golf courses are some of the most exclusive and expensive in the country.

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