Time management Strategies

Mastering time management

Do you usually feel trapped by time at work? Once you’re overwhelmed and slammed at work, it’s easy to feel under pressure. Each passing day more and more executives complain of the lack of time to cope with the load of assignments they are supposed to handle. After all, what can we really do to crank away at the massive load of things to do? Therefore, if you have had more tasks than you can find time for in a given day, this article is suitable for you.

Everyone has already got to the moment in life feeling swamped with meetings with clients, project presentations, conferences, reports, phone calls, you name it. In fact, putting the nose to the grindstone from morning to night isn’t the best way to deal as you feel like having way too much on your plate. In case you usually find yourself dragged by the daily load of work, struggling to keep your head above the water, continue reading this article to learn some tips on time management, and some of the best apps for professional business people for managing the time. It intends to show you how such apps can make your workday a lot less stressful and more productive.

Handling time successfully

First, it’s paramount to highlight some of the best ways to tackle feeling overwhelmed. So, if you think the best way go through a very hectic day is to get down do business non-stopping till you get rid of it, we assure you it’s one of the reasons you end your day exhausted, feeling unproductive.  It usually falls into two ideas, neither of them has anything to do with working till your brain melts. It’s more likely made of taking actions to get a handle on the work and take a break every now and then, so you will be able to keep up working to the best of your capacities. Therefore, next time you’re in doubt on what to do, and whereabouts to start with your to-do list, try some of the strategies below.


  • Action plan: take time to plan your day. Using some of your precious time to plan seems like a rookie move.  Actually, setting aside some time to scratch an action plan can make a huge difference in end-of-the-day productivity.
  • Give yourself a break: As you feel overwhelmed and the levels of adrenaline and stress are too high, your desk may quickly turn into the worst place to be. So, try to take a break, leave your desk, take a walk and get some fresh air, which will clear your mind.
  • Sleep tight: it’s needless to say that, pulling late nights of sleep just because you have too much on your plate doesn’t help. Stop it! Forget the coffee and go to bed to feel well the next morning to work.
  • No time-off:  As we’re crammed with things to do, it seems like 24 hours a day is not enough for I’m supposed to deliver, and we tend to covet our free time. Although, no, absolutely don’t work along the weekend in order to try to get all you have to do ready. Take a break, go out, and have some fun. It’ll make you more productive.


Finally, remind yourself if you really want to keep yourself healthy, without losing your mind, you must have a good quality of life, which is made of healthy habits. Thus, find some time to enjoy yourself by doing what pleases you like sports, reading, listening to music, going to the movies, you name it.


APPS on time management

There’s no way how to be against all the benefits technology offers us.  Undoubtedly, it has connected us, one another, on performing tasks, improving the quality of our work, besides leveraging the resources beyond. We dare to ask you whether you’re taking full advantage of some of the hundreds of time management applications and tools out there. If you’re not, you may be missing the trick.


  1. Trello

It’s a web-based time management app. It allows users to create and organize tasks with cards, lists, and boards in Kanban style. As you sign up for Trello, you can create and manage project plans, schedules, tasks, timelines, Kanban boards, and workloads of your whole team, by assigning each member tasks with specific due dates. Everyone on the team will be able to interact within the app by adding comments and filling in checklists. In addition, the app can sync from anywhere granting users to stay up-to-date whether working from home, traveling, or office.


  1. Todolist

Wean highly recommend the app Todolist for those who are looking to set personal goals or even launch a new business offering. It has several features for both personal and professional use. It allows the creation and track of tasks, which you can easily delegate to all the members of your team. A good advantage it offers is to see everything on your plate all at a quick glance, making prioritizing and communication to each one of the team even easier. It will definitely save you a lot of time.


  1. Remember The Milk

Don’t take it for granted for its name as not taking time management seriously. Remember The Milk is a useful and efficient time management app. It is an ideal tool for keeping track of your to-do list, which can sometimes slip through the cracks of a busy day. It syncs across all devices so that you’ll never miss any deadline for your tasks. You’ll never forget anything, becoming more productive.


  1. Evernote

Evernote is a free time management tool, which will allow you to seize all your thoughts, ideas, and pictures from different perspectives. You will be able to keep a record of voice, notes, or images. It allows recording meetings, interviews, and speeches, creating to-do lists, attaching files, and sharing with your teammates. It will change the way you manage your days to better optimize your time.


  1. Monday

Nowadays we usually get distracted by the enticing and fascinating range of things on our plates. That’s why we need to keep our focus on managing our time to end the working day productively.  Monday’s very efficient for creating, carrying out, and delegating tasks, as well as keeping track of the flow of work all at one platform. It will prevent you from losing focus and negatively impacting your immediate work.


Keeping focused

We usually multitask and work overtime from anywhere to conclude projects and tackle the day-to-day load of tasks. Fortunately, the modern world offers us a bunch of time management apps, which can help us keep the track of it and consequently we feel less stressed. Any of the apps mentioned above are excellent for helping you on getting up-to-date on work tasks.  However, besides all these apps, which are helpful tools to support you to be on time for meetings and appointments on your business travels, there are some other ways of taking advantage of time.

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